Airbnb First Date Concept


After synthesizing the insights, I re-iterated on the concepts to alleviate the weaknesses and further highlight the strengths.

Idea 1: Bingo x Digital Gift

Combining Bingo and Digital Gift Exchange Concepts

Medium Fidelity Wireframes of Situations Where Their Interests Matched and Don’t

After testing, I decided to remove the gamified portion of the concept and replaced it with an automatic matching process by the system. I tackled the weakness of this idea, which is the awkwardness if they don’t share a common interest, by diverting their focus from “not sharing common interests” to “they can share amazing stories because they are different” (above right).

Idea 2: First Date (Highlighting What The Host Offers)

Medium Fidelity Wireframes of Developed First Date Concept

The main weakness of this idea is that it can be too much of a hassle for the hosts, so this feature will be optional for both the host and guest. I also found later that guests are often very tired from traveling on the first day and the common check-in time is relatively late (4pm), meaning that there won’t be much time and energy for them to spend time together. I decided to redirect the core idea to it being the “First Date” — to focus on them spending quality “living like a local” time together, rather than guests following the hosts’ house directions on the first day.

Building relationship face-to-face rather than through screens

I settled on the First Date idea for two main reasons:

  • This idea focuses on building relationship face-to-face rather than through screens
  • Nice gestures and cues about how much time the host is willing to spend time with them. It’s clear that a host is willing to show the guests the “living like a local experience” if a host offers this and it’s not too pushy.

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