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Shortcut Commands for Photoshop

Photographers use Photoshop to edit their photos but this software can be a bit time consuming especially for beginners. There are different tools you can use with Photoshop and switching from 1 tool with the next one is what would consume most of your time. Here are 45 exceptionally useful Photoshop shortcuts that will bypass all those mouse clicks you need to switch tools and it will make photo editing a lot more convenient for you. There are many shortcuts out there and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. You won’t be able to memorize all of them. If you want, you can make a chart so you can easily remember what the shortcuts to use to execute what you desire. Choose your favorites and try to memorize them.

Beginners may be overwhelmed with the complexity of Photoshop but with practice you will eventually learn how to control and finally properly edit your photos with this wonderful program that is also used by professionals. You can transform an ordinary photo into an exceptional one with the help of this program but it takes a lot of skills to create such art. Slowly learn your way around the program by trying out the different tools and see what they’re used for and how they can transform your photos.  What users normally notice is that there are a number of menu items and buttons to click and open then click again for the execution you want and that can really be time consuming. These tools are there for a reason and because Photoshop is very complex and comprehensive photo editing software, it has a lot of executions and tools available. If you don’t want to waste your time finding your way through all these buttons then these shortcuts will surely help you out.

So, what are these shortcuts and how do they work?  These shortcuts are actually keyboard commands that are already set in the software itself. The program understands these commands and automatically gives you the execution you want. By pressing just a few keys you are bypassing your way from making all those tool changes and adjustments. If your right hand is doing all the mouse clicks, if you rely only on clicking your mouse to open up another tool, that is a waste of time. Remember that you still have your left hand and the keyboard is also a useful accessory that needs to be used to make these bypass. With your right hand doing the mouse clicks, your left hand will be doing all the shortcuts you need.

The most commonly used shortcuts

These shortcuts are the ones that users most often use. They are easy to remember and they are also used quite commonly because of the demands for such tools and executions when you are working on Photoshop. These shortcuts are best remembered by heart because you’d be using them quite a lot. You will be surprised at how easy it is to operate Photoshop once you memorize all these commonly used shortcuts.

At first, you would make some mistakes but that is all right. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it. Just keep on trying them out and soon enough you do not even need to think and your fingers will already start clicking.

Useful Shortcuts- Intermediate Level

These are shortcuts that may be a bit hard to remember at first but once you get to use them more often, you will be able to remember them by heart. Not all of these shortcuts are used often but they are very handy in cases that you may need to use them to save you time and spare you from the difficulty of figuring out where to click through the tools just to give you the same execution.

A great tip though is to get these commands printed on paper and post it somewhere that is easily readable and ready for you when you are working on Photoshop. Even when you find it hard to memorize these commands, if they are right in front of you then you’d still be saving yourself the time and effort than opening the executions following the long route.  The goal here is for you to save time and stop stressing about finding your way through tools. Editing photos can get a bit stressful on its own especially if it needs to be flawless so save yourself the stress from all those tools and focus more on the job at hand.


These shortcuts are going to make you save time on toggling windows and tools in Photoshop so you can focus more on actually doing the job. You may not memorize all these shortcuts but the more you use them, especially the ones you use the most, you will remember them by heart. There are many other useful shortcuts that you can use with the Photoshop software but these 45 ones listed above are the most useful execution shortcuts around.  It’s great to memorize them all if possible but most likely you wouldn’t be able to memorize all of them.

Still, just knowing that these shortcuts exist will surely help you save your time and energy when you are using the Photoshop program for editing images. Try different ways to help you recall these shortcuts. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K is most definitely the most important shortcut as it gives you the list of all the shortcut commands you need to use.  You can even create your own list of Photoshop shortcuts that are the most useful to you.  You may not end up using all these 45 commands but you’ll surely be able to use at least 10 of these commands while you’re working with Photoshop. Create your own list and try to memorize them if possible. If not, list them down and just re-read them when you are in need of shortcuts. Eventually, with the more times you get to use them, your mind will just remember them.

Photographers and editors alike just can’t get enough of Photoshop. It’s what makes their work even more amazing and it’s really worth it to invest your time in trying to master working with the software. These shortcuts may seem so simple but they were programmed into the system to give its users the ease of use they need to improve their performance even more. By focusing more on the actual editing of the photographs you will be getting a much better result at the same time you’d spend with it than you would if these shortcuts are not available.

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