September 2021
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Apple is constantly moving forward with new software updates and more intriguing devices. iOS7 is their most recent minimalist interface update moving away from from iOS6. The new iOS uses a lot of flat menus, buttons, badges, and simpler app icons.

If you’re thinking of designing a new app interface for iOS7 be sure to check out some of these brilliant examples. In the past we’ve covered iPad app design trends which span a wide array of different iOS versions. But iOS7 is a whole new subject with new guidelines for making proper app UI designs. These interfaces should help to familiarize everyone with the unique traits of Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

Timer+ for iOS7

timer plus ios7 flat app design



tinkle timer pee app children iphone ui

Chicago Menu

chicago events menu iphone app ui

Love Book

iphone ios7 love book red app ui

Social App

profile app ui iphone design

Check-in App

iphone app map ui checkin design

Event App

events list flat ios7 app ui

Dark Login Screen

dark app login screen ui iphone

The Reader

flat iphone reader app ui design


weather app iphone ui flat design

Blue Profile

flat tabbed iphone profile ui


ios explorations app flat ios7 ui

Mobile Graph

blue iphone app graph chart

Activity Feed

red flat iphone app feed

Virtual Dressing Room

circular menu flat iphone ios7 app

Settings View

white ios7 settings app ui clean design

Triggering App UI

new trigger action iphone app ui

Mobile Chat UI

dark iphone app chat interface design

Dark Calendar

ios7 flat ui dark calendar app

Sliding Menu

dark iphone app ios7 sliding menu

Audio Player

glossy flat ios audio player gui

Trendy UI(Free PSD)

ios7 flat ui design freebie psd

Dashboard Check-in

iphone app checkin screen dashboard

User Profile Redesign

white flat profile design ui iphone

iOS Support Screen

ios7 flat support screen app ui

Conversations UI

dark purple conversation chat ui iphone

Banking App

ios7 banking app ui design inspiration


ios7 messages chat iphone app

Flaer for iPhone

flaer iphone app ui maps

Mobile Analytics

mobile analytics iphone app ui design

Flight Search

flight search iphone app ios7

Discover Interface

dark purple discover interface iphone

iOS7 Chat UI

iphone ios7 chat ui design minimalist

Direct Messaging

dm direct messaging app ios7 flat


meetup iphone ios7 purple app ui

Bank Menu Interface

dark menu interface iphone ui ios7

Dark Results Screen

ios7 results screen iphone app ui

Cinema App

iphone cinema app ui design interface

Chatroom UI Design

flat simple iphone ios7 chatroom

iOS7 Music Player

ios7 music player interface mobile application

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