36 Clever Illustration Graphics for Design Inspiration

Illustrators and digital artists are not often caught in website design. But there are so many creative logos featuring a cute vector animal or cartoon figure. These designs can breathe life into a company and generate a very unique branding effect.

That is why I have put together a series of brand new illustrations for design inspiration. You should check out this gallery and see how other designers have been creating digital illustrated scenery. Character artwork is very popular since users can relate to familiar graphics. If you have never considered using illustrated elements for a website layout then definitely take a peek at some of the examples below.

Balloon Burglar

dribbble illustration balloon thief burglar


Magical Hat

website interface illustration top hat


shopping illustration mobile website

Award-winning Internet

award winning medals internet designs

Drink of Choice

alcohol illustrations wine beer liquor

Secret Cave

top secret cave illustration drawing

Gadgets Gizmos

device illustrations drawings artwork

Fixing a Sandwich

cute illustration shot wrench sandwich

Game Map

illustration ipad app game map world

Footer Boat

illustration boat footer interface website

Yetibear Roosevelt

yetibear roosevelt illustration bear yogibear


springtime illustration grassy hills march

On Adventure

kids on an adventure illustration drawing

Willy Wonka

details illustration chocolate factory chocolateer

Call Me Maeby

illustration houses cables phone lines

Magazine Cover

dinosaurs illustration website interface layout designs

Double Decker

seagulls birds double decker illustration

Future’s So Bright

bright lightbulb illustration design graphics

Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon illustration design

Into the Woods

lumberjack illustration clothes axe designs

Cowbell Kitchen

illustration cowbell interface graphics


digital vector icons inspiration webdesign


smartphones iphone black digital devices


genius Albert Einstein illustration graphics

Little Dock

wooden lake dock illustration woods

Grandma And Robot

illustrated vector icons elements robot grandma lady

Driving Around

blue girl driving car illustration

App Icons

key vector icon sets illustration inspiration

Video Camera

film camera illustration vector icons

Mister Artiste

french painter illustration artist

Tap Tap Tick Tock

computer vector illustrator designer webdesign


email voting illustration header website layout


earth activist protester environmentalist illustration


riding the illustration motorcycle sideseat


cowgirl illustration graphics design inspiration


cavemen fighting mammoth spears illustration


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