26 Open Source Tools & Scripts for Web Developers

I am a big advocate for open source codes and software. These are possibly the greatest methods for learning new techniques and bridging your knowledge from another person or team of people. Scripts and webapps are some of the most commonly shared resources, but also consider desktop-based software applications as well.

I have put together this fantastic gallery of 26 fresh open source tools for serious web designers & developers. You will find tons of helpful JavaScript libraries and CSS frameworks which are perfect for new web projects. But you will also notice a collection of web applications which are the best solution to working with your data in the cloud. If you know about any similar open source projects we haven’t covered, feel free to share in the post discussion area.


Apaxy Apache directory files listing style clean

App Folders plugin

jQuery JavaScript plugin for iOS app folders


jQuery open source responsive tables plugin stackable

Remote Preview

open source code repo download remote preview

Kube Framework

Kube CSS framework design interface layout

Base Framework

CSS framework for basic responsive website layouts


jQuery camera plugin open source development

RWD Grid

rwdgrid responsive css for web projects


34 grid website layout styles open source

HTML5 Blank

HTML5 Blank for WordPress free theme


media responsive testing website layouts mobile smartphones


open source code js javascript library

Responsive Ad Checker

responsive ad checker website layout design open source

CSS3 Sliding Responsive Slideshow

css science responsive slider css3 webdev tools

jQuery Complexify

open source password complex reader interface jquery plugin


select2 menu navigation items dropdown plugin


webapp application design interface layout tumblr themes


jQuery xeditable plugin freebie github open source


parallax website plugin jquery javascript open source


uiji.js javascript jquery plugin open source webdev


holderjs image library placeholder open source plugin


prismjs open source library javascript codes


brackets io website interface development project


instant elegant markdown syntax highlighting plugin javascript


plugin javascript cookies warning effect


jquery plugin keyboard shortcuts library mousetrap


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