The Web Development Resources You Need to Know About

The market for web development and design resources isn’t lacking in tools. Consequently, any web or design professional can spend days on end searching for what they need a seemingly endless repository.

Everybody knows that the right tools can help you in your work immensely, so we thought we’d lend a helping hand and let you know about our favorite resources and products.

1. Muffin group – BeTheme

BeTheme is a remarkable theme created by the experts at Muffin Group and it is the ultimate example of a multi-purpose WordPress Theme. BeTheme gives you the possibility to create almost any type of niche website by simply importing a demo websites with one click. Over 150 pre-made layouts ready to use are waiting for you. At the moment, successful websites for health magazines, marketing agency, event companies, schools and more. have been created with BeTheme. Thanks to the awesome layouts generator, you will be able to create an unlimited number of layouts for pages, and you can choose between four different grid layouts: 1240px Boxed, 960px Boxed, 1240px Full Width, 960px Full Width. Speaking of unlimited, you can also choose between unlimited menus, and different menus for different pages. One of the most important components of a website is the header, as this is usually the first thing that a user sees and it makes an impression on him or her. With BeTheme you’ll have seventeen customizable header styles at your disposal, so you can be sure you’ll find one that fits your needs. With more than 200 shortcodes available, you’ll be able to customize your theme easily and quickly. In addition to all of this, BeTheme is compatible with most popular plugins, E-commerce and multilingual ready and, once you have installed it, you can count on outstanding support from experts and lifetime updates!

2. Jupiter WordPress Theme

The team at Artbees take visual perfection to a whole new level. With seven years of experience under their belt, this independent company delivers beautiful WordPress themes and designs one of a kind resources. Their recipe for success consists of careful research and user friendly approaches. With over 12,000 users and over 30,000 sales, Artbees are surely some of the community’s favorites. And not without reason, their website builder, Jupiter, was pretty awesome to begin with, but this November, it’s getting a complete facelift. The new Jupiter V5 promises to bring not only radical improvements as far as design and usability are concerned, but also a deep codebase refactoring, a restructured theme and massive performance enhancements. As far as design is concerned, Jupiter V5 comes with even more header styles, gradient coloring capability for page elements, blending effects to page sections, hover styles and much more. You will also find that Jupiter V5 introduces add-ons, a new contact form style, new WooCommerce capabilities, a shop loop builder and many more. Make sure you get Jupiter V5 for yourself this November and see exactly what it can do.

3. Argento

If you’re trying to create an E-commerce store or if you have one already and it needs a makeover, we highly recommend that you try Argento, the most advanced Magento template ever made. Because Argento was created exclusively for online stores, it has all the features necessary to increase conversion and speed up your website. It adapts to any browser width and screen resolution thanks to its awesome fluid layout. Because it is implemented with over fifteen of the most popular Magento extensions, it will work just as well on Android, iOS and Blackberry, as if you had separate desktop and Magento mobile themes. Argento will also reduce the number of HTTPS requests, due to the fact that it is based on CSS sprite techniques. There’s even more good news: thanks to additional extensions such as Sold Together and Suggest Page, you will experience an increase in the average order size. Let the Argento professional developers install your new responsive Magento template for free and get ready to run your awesome new E-commerce website.

4. Metronic – #1 Selling Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme

Designed by Keen Themes, Metronic currently holds the title of number one admin theme on Themeforest. Join thousands of other people who would rather spend their time on something else than on UI coding. This revolutionary theme was built with Twitter Bootstrap Framework 3.3.5 and boasts AngularJS and Sass support. With 7 ultimate admin themes, it’s no wonder it has won the trust and admiration of so many buyers. Leave all coding to the team from Keen Themes. They created Metronic with super clean code and they offer outstanding support. With over 80 jQuery plugins and more than 700 template pages, Metronic will save you tons of time that you could spend focusing on more important tasks. Highly responsive, Metronic can be used for any web application from admin dashboards to E-commerce backend and custom admin panels. What is more, the creative minds behind Keen Themes keep releasing updates and features to improve their customers’ experience.

5. Fire checkout

Fire checkout, the Magento one page checkout is here to make your customers happier and increase your conversion rate. Nobody likes to finish up a transaction by going through a 6 page checkout. With this in mind, Fire Checkout was created. This simple tool allows your users to place orders quickly and efficiently. The simple checkout form was especially designed to speed up the buying process and increase your sales. The fast Ajax updates paired with the flexible layout and intuitive design make this tool stronger than ever. Fire checkout offers full support for every payment method and shipping option out there. Loaded with user friendly features, Fire checkout also comes with Geolocation support, which instantly pinpoints the customers’ country and city. Keeping your customers satisfied has never been this easy before. They are able to choose the delivery date for the shipment as well as send comments with particular requirements or inquiries.

6. actiPLANS

Managers are well aware of the importance of good time management and, hence, would rather not get caught up in a series of back-and-forth emails between them and their employees asking to go on leave when they have more important things to do. The perfect tool for this situation has been created: actiPLANS. This leave management system will revolutionize the submission and management of leave requests for both regular team members and managers. With an intuitive interface and clear view of corporate leave schedule, actiPLANS eliminates paperwork, complicated spreadsheets and human errors by automating the process of leave time management. Team members can submit a leave request by simply dragging and dropping the needed time period on the chart, while managers can approve, reject or delete requests in bulk with one click. They can also leave a comment for a rejected or approved leave, for further clarification. Another smart actiPLANS feature is calculation of PTO balance, there is a number of automatic and manual rules to make the process of accruing and spending PTO days clear and simple. actiPLANS has a mobile app for iOS and Android coming out in November, making it as easy as possible for anyone to inform their colleagues when they’re running late for work. actiPLANS’ flexible settings will adapt to any company’s leave time policy. It is so easy to use that everyone can start using it in a matter of minutes.

7. actiTIME

Keeping track of your working hours on various projects can be tricky. And when you have to keep an eye on your team’s performance, things become even more complicated. Luckily, we have just the thing for you. Meet actiTIME. This super-efficient program is packed with time saving features and user friendly options. actiTIME is a web-based software that keeps tabs on your working hours and logs in all the essential data in a neat looking timesheet. Emphasizing speed and efficiency, this time tracking tool will enable you to meet all your deadlines and stay within a budget. With exhaustive reports on team performance, extra hours and leave time, managers have access to all the essential info at all times. Boasting over 9,000 satisfied buyers, actiTIME is perfect for freelancers, start-ups that have a few employees and larger companies. The free mobile app can be used on Android and iOS to track time and costs whether you’re in the office or on-the-go.

8. BugMuncher

Fixing a bug can take more time than necessary if you do not have direct access to the information that you need in order to sort things out. BugMuncher is a simple and efficient feedback tool that will send you detailed feedback and bug reports via e-mail. Additionally, you can use custom web hooks to integrate with other third party services such as Trello, Zendesk, Jira, GitHub and Zapier. Without any extra plugin required, BugMuncher will automatically include a screenshot of what the user sees, which is equivalent to having first-hand access to the problem. What will the BugMuncher report contain in addition to this, precisely? The answer is detailed information about the browser and operating system of your client or coworker, details of any JavaScript errors that occurred, screen size and resolution, which browser plugins they have installed, user’s language and geolocation, as well as the path they took through your website. Team members can also send reports to colleagues, leave comments on them and conceal any sensitive information. Briefly put, with BugMuncher you will be able to focus on perfecting your website instead of having to build your own feedback system.

9. Icons8

When it comes to the variety of icons you can choose from when building a website or app, it’s safe to declare “the more, the merrier”.

An excellent source for getting all the icons you will ever need for your website is the Icons8 App. With this minimal application for Windows and Mack you will get over 17,000 icons stored offline on your computer. And they have all the icons you could imagine, from social networks, operating systems, objects and computer hardware to beauty, cinema, astrology and animals. If there is an icon you’re lacking, you can just submit a request for it and Icons8 will grant it for free.

What’s more, the Icons8 App gives you access to basic editing for icons as well as fast search, Export to Photoshop, Xcode, etc., recoloring and resizing, also the possibility of choosing format (SVG, PNG, PDF or EPS) and the right style of icons for you, be it Windows 10, Windows 8, iOS9, Android 4, Android 5 Lollipop or Flat Color icons.

10. FastWebHost

In need of an efficient web hosting solution for your site? FastWebHost will meet all your expectations at affordable prices. A leader in inexpensive cloud web hosting solutions, FastWebHost is one of the superior platforms you could be using for your website. Flexible and reliable, the team behind this amazing web hosting solution is always there if you need help with any issue. Their web hosting plans are based on several criteria, so there’s something for everyone to choose from. The Value Plan is a great, cheap alternative for start-up websites. For only $ 2.99 a month, buyers receive a free domain name, 50 GB of web space and a single domain. Looking for more features? Then check out the most popular product offered by FastWebHost. Their Business Plan offers a free domain name with unlimited web space and bandwidth for only $ 3.99 per month. Enterprises can choose the $ 4.99 per month plan that comes with a free IP address, one domain name and unlimited web space.

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