Divi, the New Page Builder Plugin That Works with Any WordPress Theme

Since WordPress is the leading Content Management System out there, there is no scarcity of tools and resources that you can use to build and extend your website via WordPress. There are a million plugins and themes that let you do ever more with your website within minutes.

After being released a few months ago, Elegant Themes’ Divi for WordPress has taken the community by storm. In a short span of time, it has risen to such a popularity that it has become even more popular than most of the top WordPress frameworks.

Recently, Elegant Themes have released a product that takes Divi to the next level. So far, Divi has functioned as a standalone theme; now, it is available as a page builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme: The Divi Builder.

the divi builder plugin

Major Features

Simply put, Divi Builder is a drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress sites, that works with any WordPress theme. Since it is a drag and drop page-building solution, you need zero coding skills. It comes with over 40 content modules, or building blocks, to help you build pages with ease.

Plus, Divi Builder also has over 20 custom readymade layouts to help you get started with it. Of course, you can also save your own page layouts as and when you create them.

Now, in terms of page building, what does Divi Builder bring to the table? The regular features are all there: you can specify custom columns, custom fonts and colors, full width or flexible layouts, custom backgrounds, and so on. Everything you build with Divi Builder is responsive.

However, the biggest plus point of this plugin is that it sets you free from being locked down to a particular theme. Generally, a good number of people stay away from page builders that come bundled within themes, because the minute you change your WordPress theme, your design and settings are lost. With the Divi Builder plugin, you can use virtually any free or premium WordPress theme, and your design will remain intact.

Why Another Page Builder Plugin?

There are many page builders out there, so what makes Divi Builder any different from the rest?

First up, the interface is truly intuitive. Here is a handy GIF to help you get an idea of how it works:

the divi builder plugin interface animated

But that is just one small part of the big picture. Essentially, Divi Builder is standing on the shoulders of the Divi Theme, and the immense popularity of Divi as a theme speaks volumes about its prowess.

The Divi Builder plugin offers endless possibilities in terms of page building, and its custom modules are pretty simple to use.

Now, this is what matters the most: almost every big premium WordPress theme nowadays offers shortcodes and custom post types to help you build the right page for your needs. However, if something breaks, your visitors see chunks of code and shortcodes, not the actual design.

This is where Divi Builder does its part well: instead of inserting shortcodes and relying on custom post types, it works with a drag and drop model that rules out compatibility issues with any other theme or plugin.


In order to get access to the Divi Builder plugin, you will need to join the Elegant Themes club. For a Developer package, you pay $ 89 per annum, or $ 249 one-time for lifetime access. This also entitles you to all of the other Elegant Themes’ themes and products, including their flagship Divi theme.

Divi Builder is a unique and innovative plugin that simplifies website creation with WordPress. Folks like myself, who dislike it when themes take up the job of plugins, will love Divi Builder. As a standalone tool, you can use it with any WordPress theme, and most importantly, you can also make changes to your theme without actually changing the theme.

The Divi Builder plugin is one WordPress tool you should try out! What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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