Top 20 CMS Alternatives to WordPress

WordPress is a well-known platform among thousand users all over the world where people talk about their experiences and views through blogging activity. It has many features including themes, plug-ins, widgets, mobiles and multi-user and multi-blogging.


WordPress has a lot of advantages. It offers a variety of blogs and different kinds of website designs that can suit your subject. But if you want to make some experience with other CMS I would like to introduce 20 best alternatives to WordPress:

1. Plone

Plone is free and is an open source content management system. It is also one of the leading open source CMS that gets your portal, website, intranet and community site working in just minutes. It has a bunch of features which many users love about.

2. The Agility Magazine Suite

This Agility Magazine is another superb CMS platform that is designed not just for bloggers but also for magazines and companies’ media. This open source CMS is widely being used by companies.

3. Typo

Typo is another free open source CMS whose features are almost the same as that of the WordPress platform. There is only a little difference when it comes to its layout and style. So if you got used to WordPress then this one is probably be easier for you.

4. eZ Publish

eZ platform is a bit edger than WordPress. From the name itself, it is a lot friendlier to publishers and SMB’s. However, it might take a little longer to install in comparison with WordPress but surely it is a more robust system.

5. Joomla

This is a free and an open source CMS used for publishing on the World Wide Web and intranets. Joomla is a very successful content management system that enables you to build fantastic Web sites and powerful online applications. Joomla’s winning factors are the ease-of-use and extensibility have made it become very popular.

6. Drupal

Drupal is another popular open source CMS. It is easy to use, flexible and a very powerful content management system. Popular sites such as The White House, and Economist are made with Drupal. With this CMS, you can have thousands of add-on modules and web designs you wish to have.

7. Zope

Zope is the only open source content management system that has been recognized as a Python Killer application. It is written in the Python programming language. It is said to be the largest and one of the most professional open source content management system globally.

8. Pligg

Pligg can be downloaded for free. It can connect visitors to other users by just registering on the site. With Pligg, visitors can easily connect with other users no matter which part of the world they are. Thus, it provides social publishing software.

9. Jaws

Similar with other alternatives to WordPress, it is easy to use Jaws with its developer-friendly nature yet it can offer a powerful framework. It is such a User-Friendly software providing ease of use and a bunch of ways to design your own web site.

10. Geeklog

Dubbed as the secure CMS, Geeklog is a dynamic system that provides an innovative blog engine and offers spam protection. This blog engine supports all other important features of the system.

11. SiteFrame

SiteFrame is a community based website. Bloggers and users can easily share their blogs and other activities making it an enjoyable interaction among them all.

12. Xaraya

Xaraya offers an awesome and sophisticated framework which enables developers to easily have an out-of-the-box idea for their next blog.

13. jLibrary

This framework is easy and flexible for management purposes. It can also be used for business purpose and marketing for its amazing layout designs.

14. Jahia

Jahia includes web publishing system, portal server and a content management server. It is said to be the leading java-based platform for the enterprise that offers a highly social interaction with its users and web page owners.

15. PhpNuke

This platform includes web-based administrations, modules and themes that offer multilingual support. PhpNuke is actually a news automated system that is specifically designed to be used both in Internets and Intranets. It is designed to work automatically that you don’t need to edit files in your browser anymore.

16. OneCMS

OneCMS is usually for gaming purposes. It allows users to upload files and use other features. I also allow you to manage forums. And since it is made for gaming, it can then be used for any site that you wish.

17. MODx

Users are given the power to control and maneuver their everyday website content. MODx boasts its state-of-the-art-designs and web layouts. It allows you to custom content fields and so as inputs without even touching the code.

18. MiaCMS

RSS syndication and a more extensible party extension system can be uploaded simply and easily. MiaCMS features includes simple installation; it has graphical content editors, content versioning, RSS Content syndication and flexible site theme capabilities.

19. Exponent

This website CMS allows website owners and all their users to create and manage dynamic websites that don’t need to directly code web pages or still manage site navigation.

20. ImpressCMS

ImpressCMS is a community-based CMS to easily build and maintain a state-of-the-art web site. It is simple to use a flexible system which is a vital key towards a successful business to community users. From small to big time enterprises, ImpressCMS is truly a great help.

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