March 2021
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Trends seem to ebb and flow much like the ocean tides – and opinions are just as critical. While you might prefer high tide for a little water adventure, old granny might be waiting on low tide to shrivel up and dry out on the sandy beach. Some people might not even like the beach at all! But nevertheless design trends have their place and will always flow where attention goes.

Flat design has risen to popularity in a few short years. Modern operating systems like Win8 have begun switching over to this design style without hesitation. I’ve also seen this effect in modern websites that flatten their colors, icons, even buttons. And I know what you’re saying – but Mr. Jake writer person, wouldn’t flat buttons just look like regular hyperlinks? And how could a flat UI design work for so many different layouts? Also can I flatten my mother-in-law and toss her onto a website?

Well I say we should delve into the world of flat design and see exactly how this trend behaves on the screen. Take a peek at some of these website mockups created with flat UI design. This gallery is perfect if you’re trying to understand how to create your own flat elements and how to match everything nicely on a single webpage.


nmbrs accountants website header layout

kino dk media mockup website layout

Game Store

video game store website mockup layout flat

onBoard Skateshop

skate shop website layout inspiration

Landing Page

flat orange marketing website layout mockup

Laracon 2014

laracon 2014 flat website conference


foundry hiring homepage website layout

Capitol Hop

capitol hop website layout landing page app

Real Estate Search UI

flat website real estate search results

Lead the Sheep

lead the sheep homepage mockup design

Community Redesign

pink flat website mockup community social layout


dark corporation website layout mockup

Print Detective

print detective flat website mockup layout

Condé Nast

conde nast magazine redesign homepage

Flat YouTube Redesign

flat website mockup redesign youtube homepage

Scnnr App

scnnr app homepage landing website layout


sparked flat homepage website layout design

Green Pricing Tables

flat details landing page pricing table

Education Landing Page

isg global landing page website mockup

Flat Client Work

flat orange website layout mockup design


xteam flat website mockup inspiration

Funeral Insights

funeral insights flat homepage mockup layout

Karaoke Party

karaoke party website flat layout mockup


black portfolio mars layout inspiration

New Agency

dark white contrast agency website flat design

Call-Em-All Website

call em all website flat design

Heaven Beauty Salon

heaven beauty salon flat website mockup Redesign

last fm flat website redesign mockup

Vans Redesign

vans redesign homepage mockup layout inspiration

Marketing Homepage

simple landing page marketing blue flat


rockstars pro landing page design mockup

Tiny Carrier

tiny carrier landing page purple flat mockup

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