28 Smooth Parallax Scrolling Web Design Layouts

Parallax website layouts take advantage of dynamic animations to move between content panels. These designs often scroll in a vertical or horizontal pattern while animating page elements along the way. Parallax interfaces will catch your visitor’s attention quickly because they stand out dramatically in comparison to a “typical” website design.

This showcase is dedicated to 28 smoothly-animated parallax website layouts. The vast assortment of techniques for scrolling and content animation prove how distinct these websites can look. Parallax layouts often work best for a product or company which needs to appear more flashy without too much extra information. But even smaller projects or personal portfolios can work great with parallax effects when implemented properly.


fima website parallax layout design


Flash vs. HTML5

flash vs html5 website design parallax layout

Timmy Tompkins

timmy tompkins website parallax animation

Scroll for your Health

health fruits scroll parallax design animation

Great Forest Park Balloon Race

parallax website layout animation effects

Trophees Du Bar

trophees du bar website parallax layout

Design Embraced

design embraced website layout inspiring design

Negative Space Alphabet

negative space alphabet parallax website layout

Perfect Match Competition

perfect match competition website parallax layout

Discovery Lab

discovery lab parallax website layout design

Mountain View

digital website layout agency mountain view

De Vriend

de vriend website dark layout inspiring


anthelios website parallax layout spf sunscreen


ecology website layout parallax design skinjay

MKJ Creative

mkj creative agency parallax layout


responsive banner ads specless website layout


fishy website layout parallax design

D’Angelico Guitars

d angelico guitars website layout parallax

QMusic Titanic

q music titanic website layout parallax


moresleep agency design website parallax animated


chocolate sweets website parallax animation

Boy Coy

red boycoy website layout parallax animation

Wild Blue

wild blue technology layout parallax

Si Digital

si digital website layout parallax scrolling


bagigia website layout parallax scrolling effects


putzengel clean parallax layout design

Tag Reaction

japanese parallax website project 2013 tagreaction


tokiolab website dark layout inspiring parallax

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