Ideas for Pixel Page Transitions

Inspiration for “pixel” page transitions based on Niccolò Miranda’s animation.

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Today I have a little set of effects for you. It’s based on a beautiful pixel transition that Niccolò Miranda shared a while ago. Check it out:

I thought that it would be an interesting experiment to try and create different grids of elements that would appear and disappear in distinct ways, creating a page transition. If the grid is made up of rows and columns that vary in their number, then we can create so many different looks. The possibilities are really endless here.

Especially, when paired with different animations for the content that appears/disappears, we can create unique looks for a specific design.

So here we go, a set of “pixel” transitions for your inspiration.

How about some classy boxes sweeping over the page:

Or how about just one column with lots of rows (plus adding some filter effect to the content):

Or we can simply change the timing of the animation for each cell and we get another unique look:

I really hope you like this and can make use of this.

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