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Welcome back to our Diversity in Design series on Envato Tuts+. Discover four talented artists with inspiring styles you’ll love.

4 Artists You Should Know: Diversity in Design

the work of these extraordinary artists. Each with their own unique
background, they draw inspiration from their culture and surroundings to
create phenomenal designs.

Raúl Sisniega

Bringing extraordinary colors to his neighborhood is our first artist, Raúl Sisniega. A muralist and pattern maker from Mexico City, Raúl scales the walls of buildings, homes and neighboring towns in order to paint his psychedelic illustrations.

See more in his portfolio and follow him on Instagram.

Mística Salvaje No.1

I was born and raised in Mexico City where I live and work. I had
the chance to study graphic design and visual communications there at the national university in Mexico.

I have been painting murals for
almost 10 years now. Mostly in different cities of Mexico and in
Manchester in the U.K. But now I am looking forward to creating new
opportunities to paint murals all around the world.

Mstica Salvaje No1
Mística Salvaje No.1

Nothing But a Dream

I have a particular interest in biology and physics;
specifically in the microcosms and macrocosms. Since I started to
take a look at how my body works and the environments surrounding it, I
have received many moments of joy while making amazing personal discoveries.

Nothing But a Dream
Nothing But a Dream

Había Una Vez Un Valle

Haba Una Vez Un Valle
Había Una Vez Un Valle


I would say
that my art is a mix of geometry and psychedelia. Through the use of
simple geometric forms I like to design a wide range of characters that
inhabit a micro universe filled with atmospheres full of rhythm, color
and optical illusions.

By dealing with scientific concepts like
quantum particles, fragmentation, infinity and cell reproduction, I
like to invite the beholder to enter a mystical world full of
mathematics and questions about the nature of matter, spirits and our
own existence.


Astrid Prasetianti

Step into the colorful world of our next artist, Astrid Prasetianti. Currently based in Paris, France, this Indonesian artist creates lovely illustrations for children’s books and editorials. Get inspired by her mystical animal themes and unique style.

See more in her portfolio and follow her on Instagram.


I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Jakarta, Indonesia, but I’m now living in Paris. My favorite color is yellow and I love
children’s books.


Tiny Houses

My works are mostly inspired by the experiences I’ve had. Whether it’s a place that I’ve recently visited, a song that I just listened to or even
some random thoughts in my mind. I try to always put a little
humor or something silly into my drawings.

Tiny Houses
Tiny Houses

International Women’s Day

International Womens Day
International Women’s Day


There are so many illustrators that I adore including: Tom Haugomat, Vincent
Mahé, Robert Hunter, Lisk Feng, Andrés Lozano, and Luke Pearson. I’ve
always looked up to them and look forward to seeing their new work.

On the other side, I also love the work of Lisa Congdon and Timothy Goodman. They spread so much positivity and share their
heart in their work.


Kehong Lu

Graphic designer Kehong Lu is our next phenomenal talent based in Blacksburg, Virginia. Currently a student, he creates trendy graphic illustrations inspired by nature and a love of simple daily moments.

See more in his portfolio and follow him on Instagram.


Currently, I’m studying for my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design at Virginia
Tech and will graduate this year. I like both digital and print designs,
but I like illustrations even more.

I interned with Walt Disney engineering in the fall of 2018, and my experience there influenced me to some
extent. Before I was only interested in becoming a graphic designer, but now I’ve
fallen in love with illustrations and want to become a graphic designer
and illustrator.


Into The Jungle

For most of my work, I get inspiration from my
daily life. Such as the Planter App design—I love to have little plants
at home but I always forget to water them, so I thought it would be
really useful if I could create an app for people like me that love to
have plants but are also busy with their life and work.

Into the Jungle
Into The Jungle



Planter App

I always
follow artists on Instagram who have the styles I really like.
Such as David Doran and Gal Shir. I also check Behance regularly to keep
myself updated.

Planter App
Planter App

Maria Filipe Castro

We know you’ll love this last collection of adorable plushies from artist Maria Filipe Castro.  A talented toy artist from Matosinhos, Portugal, Maria creates cheeky plush toys inspired by cuddly animals and delicious ice-cream pop flavors.

See more in her portfolio and follow her on Instagram.

Harajuku Sweetie Bear

Maria Filipe Castro, a toy artist. I design and make needle felted art toys under the name “droolwool.”

I’m a huge fan of food in all shapes
and forms. The expression “eating with the eyes” makes a lot of
sense to me. It really expresses how I feel about everything that is
food related. I often find myself drooling over a plush or plastic
pizza the same way I would if it were a real one.

Harajuku Sweetie Bear
Harajuku Sweetie Bear

Popsicle Bear

motivates me to do what I do is the possibility of creating an
imaginary world filled with my own version of the things I love.

I was drawn to soft materials. I was never a fan
of messy environments and heavy machinery. The
first time I really enjoyed sculpting was when I created a series of
small soft sculptures portraying items that typically belong to the
female universe, such as: mascara, hair brushes, fake eyelashes, and lipsticks. They were hand sewn and made in
shiny, colorful fabrics.

The transition from textile
to toy artist happened when I discovered felt wool and the needle
felting technique. Learning this technique came so naturally to me,
that it immediately became my new medium of choice: it’s soft,
colorful, lightweight, and it has this incredible ability to be
sculpted in a very similar way to clay. It still amazes me how some
thin fibers can be transformed into solid pieces.

Popsicle Bear
Popsicle Bear

Pommie and a Baby Worm

Pommie and a Baby Worm
Pommie and a Baby Worm

Popsicle Bear – Strawberry and White Chocolate

I really love about my work is designing new shapes for everyday
things. The most amusing part is creating
their personalities, imagining their stories with a humorist

I’ve been inclined to make bubbly and enthusiastic characters. I
think I am addicted to making smiley faces. They not only make me smile,
but I also find it very rewarding to see these happy characters
make other people smile too, spreading good feelings all around.

Popsicle Bear - Strawberry and White Chocolate
Popsicle Bear – Strawberry and White Chocolate

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