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Quizzes on websites can serve a lot of purposes. I am sure you have come across quizzes that simply ask random questions about celebrities or friends for fun. There are also quizzes for things like checking compatibility or aptitude of people. Some websites add quizzes in their posts at the end of courses to help readers assess how much they have learned after taking a course or lesson.

There are a lot of free WordPress quiz plugins that you can use to set up quizzes on your own websites. Since different types of quizzes might have different types of questions, it can get quite confusing when it comes down to choosing the right plugin. In this tutorial, we will list the features of some popular and free WordPress quiz plugins that you can start using today to create your own quizzes.

I should also mention that depending on the type of website you are creating, using free plugins might not always be the best choice. In some cases, they will offer a limited set of features while at other times you might get some kind of plugin branding. If you want to create professional-looking quizzes, consider giving these best-selling WordPress quiz plugins a try. You will also get free support for six months after purchasing a plugin. This should help you get up and running in no time.

The HD Quiz plugin allows you to very easily create quizzes on your website. You can create an unlimited number of quizzes and embed them in any post or page.

HD Quiz

The plugin is designed with responsiveness in mind and it also comes with touch support. This basically means that your readers will have no problem in answering the quiz questions whatever device that they are using.

Each question in the quiz can have its own featured image and a tool tip to provide any hints. The main quiz questions are displayed as a heading and you can add a small amount of descriptive text beneath them in order to provide more details.

People taking the quiz have the option to share the quiz itself or their final results in their social media circles. The questions and answer of each quiz can also be placed in randomly selected positions for different users.

You can also set your own pass percentage for each quiz and set a timer for it to let readers know that they have to answer all the questions within given time.

Watu Quiz is also a very popular WordPress quiz plugin that offers a nice set of features.

Watu Quiz

It allows you to assign points to each question in a quiz as well as to the answers of each quiz. For instance, sometimes a quiz question might not have an incorrect answer but simply more or less appropriate answers. In such cases, different options will obviously have different points assigned to them. Watu Quiz allows you to create quizzes with these types of questions very easily. Once the users have completed a quiz, the plugin will figure out the overall score all by itself.

The plugin allows you to create three types of questions: single choice, multiple choice and open-ended. You can also mark some questions as required or tell the plugin to randomly reorder the questions for each participants.

The plugin also allows you to create a quiz by pulling random questions from a large set. This will allow you to create unique quizzes for people who want to retake a test.

You can also export both the results as well as the questions of a quiz to and from a CSV file. Answers to quiz questions can also be shown either at the completion of a quiz or immediately after a user answers each question.

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin allows you to create quizzes and surveys for your users with ease. There are a lot of options available in the plugin to help you configure the quizzes exactly that way you want.

Quiz and Survey Master

The plugin gives you the option to add five different types of questions to the quiz or survey. These include multiple choice questions with a single answer, true and false questions, multiple choice questions with more than one answer, fill in the blank questions, and open answer questions.

It also comes with CAPTCHA support to prevent automated submission of quiz answers. At the end of the quiz, the users can also share their answers on social media. This will help bring more traffic back to your website.

You will have full control over a lot of other things like a time limit for completing the quiz or the maximum number of times a user can attempt a particular quiz. If the quiz contains a lot of questions, the plugin allows you to specify the number of questions per page.

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin also comes with two free add-ons that allow you to give certificates to participants and create leaderboards to show the top scores.

Do you need to create quizzes where the answer to one question determine what the next question is going to be for a particular user? The Chained Quiz plugin helps you create such quizzes with very little effort.

It provides a shortcode for each quiz that you create. You can then add the shortcode to any post or page where you want the questions to appear.

The unique feature of this plugin is that it allows you to specify what happens when any user selects a particular option as an answer to a question. For example, you can choose to end the quiz, take the user to the next question or show them some other question.

The same thing happens at the end of the quiz. Once a user has answered all the questions, the plugin allows you to determine the next step based on the score of the user. You could either simply show them their score and give a certificate or you could redirect them to a course that you recommend based on the quiz results.

You can create single choice, multiple choice and open ended or essay type questions with this plugin. The answers submitted by each user can also be exported to a CSV file for further analysis.

Quiz Maker is yet another plugin which makes it very easy to create quizzes. One unique feature of the plugin is that it allows you to style the quiz to make it blend in with the rest of the website.

Quiz Maker

Like other plugins, Quiz Maker also gives you the option to only allow logged in users to take a quiz. However, it goes a step further and allows you to restrict people from taking a quiz based on their roles.

The only disadvantage of this plugin is that you can only create single choice and multiple choice questions. There is no option to create true or false or fill in the blanks type questions. However, you can randomize both the quiz questions and the options in the answer.

You can see the quiz results for visitors who submitted their answers along with the time it took them to answer all the questions. You can also add a timer to the quiz so that answer are submitted automatically once the time is up.

Final Thoughts

You can easily create basic quizzes with any of the free plugins mentioned on this page. However, each of these plugin also offers unique features for specific situations.

If you want to include a large variety of question types in the quiz, it might be best to go with the Quiz and Survey Master plugin which allows you to add five different types of questions. Similarly, if you have a large set of questions and want to create a quiz based on randomly selected questions from the list, the Watu Quiz plugin would be perfect for your needs. Finally, people who want to create quizzes where the answer to one question determines what the next question is going to be will find the Chained Quiz plugin very helpful.

If you need some features that are missing from these plugins, or if you want a more polished look and style for your site, take a look at the premium quiz plugins available on CodeCanyon. All these plugins are highly rated and offer many features that are missing in free plugins. You will also get free support for 6 months so setting things up will be easy.

Which plugin do you use to create quizzes on your website? Let us know in the comments.

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