7 Spooky Photoshop Photo Effect Videos to Check Out!

Halloween is around the corner, and to celebrate we’re sharing our favourite spooky photo effect Photoshop videos from the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel. You’ll find everything from quick tips to full photo manipulation video tutorials, so pick up some new Photoshop effect skills from this selection.

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Learn New Photoshop Photo Effect Skills

How to Create Halloween-Inspired Skull Makeup in Adobe Photoshop

In this video tutorial by Melody Nieves, you can learn how to create a Halloween-Inspired skull makeup look in Adobe Photoshop. A quick photo effect for portraits you can apply to create a speedy spooky look.

How to Create a Haunted Portrait Effect in Photoshop

Abbey Esparza looks to create a spooky effect, which you’re about to learn. This one is a shocking photo effect which will have you wincing if you’re not a fan of bugs!

How to Create an Abstract Diamond Lens Effect in Photoshop

You’ll be seeing triple with another tutorial by Abbey, with this spooky photo effect. It’s easier than you think to create this awesome portrait effect.

How to Create a Quick Firework Scene in Photoshop

You can apply this brush effect on an illustration or a photo, to create an explosive firework scene effect. Follow along with Rowena Aitken and she’ll let you in on a quick tip to create this firework photo effect.

How to Make a Fiery Halloween Pumpkin Using a Photoshop Action

Join Marie Gardiner in creating a fiery Halloween pumpkin in Adobe Photoshop by using a Photoshop action. 

How to Create a Colour Double Exposure Effect in Adobe Photoshop Using an Action

Andrew Childress shows you how to use a Photoshop action to create a colour double exposure effect in Photoshop to create a colourful duo-tone photo effect.

How to Make a Terrifying Zombie Portrait in Photoshop (With an Action)

Finally, Marie shows you how to turn a portrait into a terrifying zombie. Create this spooky portrait photo effect in no time with this clever Photoshop action.

Learn More With These Spooky Tutorials

Still hungry for more? We’ve got you covered. There’s plenty more awesome video content over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel. If you prefer something more text-based, then may I recommend these tutorials to get your teeth into for this spooky season!

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