10 Best Ionic App Templates

What if you could create your client’s apps faster without having to code from scratch? It’s possible with Ionic app templates. App templates provide you with hundreds of pre-made app skeletons that you can adjust to fit your client needs.

Some of the benefits of choosing a template include:

  • less coding and design work to create an app
  • lots of options and functionality
  • low setup costs
  • massive collections of plugins to choose from

The Best Ionic App Templates on CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon is one of the largest online marketplaces for Ionic templates. No matter what your app’s requirements are, there’s a good chance that CodeCanyon has one that will help give your project a boost!

Ionic App Templates from CodeCanyon

Ionic templates work similarly to front-end themes and templates for platforms like WordPress. They consist of a collection of files and assets that help to bridge the gap between the framework itself and the finished product that you are building.

The templates covered here are just a small sample of the hundreds of Ionic app templates we have available at CodeCanyon. With so many app templates in existence, you’re sure to find one that’s helpful, no matter how niche your project. So check them out!

10 Best Ionic App Templates of 2020

1. IonFullApp: Full Ionic Template and Cordova Plugins


Are you looking to accelerate your Ionic development? Well, IonFullApp is the best option. It is packed with features and components to take you so far up your project. The app uses SASS and each component is well structured for maximum flexibility and customizability. It even comes with support for the Google feed API.

Other features include:

  • push notifications
  • ability to integrate with WordPress
  • social sharing
  • maps and geolocation
  • video and audio
  • multiple layouts
  • login flow

2. Ionic 3 UI Theme and Template App

Ionic 3 UI theme

With over 100 layouts and hundreds of HTML5 UI components, you can make just about any app with the Ionic 3 UI Theme template. It offers maximum flexibility, easy customization and also Google Analytics so you can track your user’s behavior. It also comes with MailChimp integration and Google Maps integration.

Other features:

  • beautiful layouts
  • push notifications
  • Firebase backend
  • fully responsive
  • QR and barcode scanner

3. WPLMS Learning Management System App for Education and eLearning


WPLMS Learning Management System App template is the fastest way to create an e-learning application. This WPLMS student app has been developed for the WPLMS learning management system, which is also available on CodeCanyon. The app allows you to display courses from your WPLMS site in the app. All courses on the site and app are synced to ensure students can also access them from the app or the web. It also has a WooCommerce checkout system that supports multiple payment gateways.

Other features include:

  • push notifications
  • quizzes section
  • a user dashboard that shows courses and quiz graphs.
  • students can access courses in offline mode
  • live chat support

4. Ionic WooCommerce

Ionic Woocommerce

The Ionic Woocommerce app template is a universal iOS and Android eCommerce app template built with Ionic 4. It comes with a massive collection of features that are guaranteed to improve your sales. It is suitable for any eCommerce store such as fashion shops, electronics stores, or even restaurants. It is built with SAAS and is compatible with any WordPress theme. 

Some of its best features include:

  • supports most payment gateways
  • multiple home page and category styles to choose from
  • supports multiple checkout options
  • OneSignal push notifications
  • multicurrency and multilingual support

5. Ionic eCommerce

Ionic eCommerce

Ionic eCommerce comes with widely useable features, and it is a great starting point for anyone looking to sell online. It provides everything you might need for many types of eCommerce apps. It also offers a wide range of ready-made eCommerce pages to create your mobile app and a comprehensive CMS to manage your store.

Notable features include:

  • interactive themes
  • multiple payment gateways and currencies
  • multiple shipping methods
  • product filters, sorting and search
  • inventory management
  • social share and login
  • OneSignal notifications
  • multiple languages

6. Ionic 3 App for WooCommerce

Ionic 3 App for Woocommerce

Ionic 3 App for WooCommerce will allow you can create WooCommerce mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. You can also connect the app to the app store and sync categories and products in real-time. It also promises your customers smooth and hassle-free shopping experience. 

Features include

  • supports most payment methods
  • automatically loads shipping methods
  • customers can search for products globally on the home page or within categories
  • supports OneSignal push notifications

7. Giraffy Delivery

Giraffy Delivery

Giraffy is a complete food delivery platform with mobile apps. With this boilerplate template, you can create a food ordering application such as UberEats. It comes with a lot of incredible features, such as the ability to display products and categories in a variety of layouts. Customers can find and order delicious food and have them delivered to their doorstep. It also includes the ability to choose from multiple restaurants, order tracking, order statuses, coupons, and loyalty programs.

8. Ionic 3 Restaurant

Ionic 3 Restaurant

Built with Ionic 3, Angular 5, Typescript, and Sass, the Ionic 3 Restaurant app template is designed to help you build apps for restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and any other food or commerce related venture.

The app provides a good range of homepage, registration, and login page layouts as well as other features, like categories, an orders page, and offers page, etc. 

User Hoorida says:

“I used this starter template in some of my projects and found it to be simply one of the best Ionic templates available for any e-commerce store. Another thing I love is their technical support. Their team is very experience in these technologies and helped us to customise this app for multi-restaurant app

9. WooCommerce Mobile App

Woocommerce Mobile App

The WooCommerce Mobile App template is one of the best-rated templates in the Ionic eCommerce app category. 

The app allows clients to connect to their WooCommerce store and sync categories and products in real-time. Once customers log in, they can shop, pay for items, view order status and order history, and manage their accounts. Useful features include a featured product page, categories, a powerful search and filter, list and grid views, ratings, and reviews. 

9. Yoga Guide App for Ionic

Yoga Guide

The Yoga Guide Ionic app template is the perfect choice for developers working in health and fitness. The app is designed to help users practice yoga at their own pace in the comfort of their own home or office. The app is easy to customize and has a clean and modern design which allows end users to navigate around the app easily.

Some of the template’s great features include:

  • a sign-up and sign-in screen
  • profile page
  • ability to set reminder alarms
  • lists of yoga poses with explanations
  • ability to save favorite poses

10. Ionic 3 Nearby Multi Hotel Room Reservation App

Multi hotel reservation app

The Ionic 3 Nearby Multi Hotel Room Reservation app template is an excellent starter for anyone looking to redesign for an existing hotel or to create something similar to Airbnb. This template is packed with in-demand hotel features such as nearest hotel search, room reservation, hotel booking, price calculation, and invoicing. It is integrated with Google Maps to ensure customers can search nearby hotels.

Other features include

  • Facebook and Google login
  • powerful admin back-end
  • PayPal integration

Free Ionic 3 App Templates for Download in 2020

One advantage of purchasing Premium templates is that you are assured of free lifetime updates. However, you can still start with a free template if you need to keep costs down or if you are just experimenting.

1.Ionic 3 Start Theme 

Ionic 3 Start Theme is a simple Ionic starter theme that can help you build any apps for Android and iOS. It comes with 10 pages, mock data and sample data providers.

Other features include:

  • settings and notifications
  • location search
  • travel app features like trip results and details
  • checkout with credit card and PayPal 
  • integration with an HTTP weather API

2. Firebase Social Login

This app templates provides a simple registration process, which is crucial for customers, saving them from going through a complicated process of creating accounts and remembering passwords. It is also beneficial to businesses since they can collect their customer’s social data and use it to make informed decisions.

Firebase Social Login supports Facebook and Google login and can be integrated into new or existing apps.

3.Cabify UI: Ionic V3 Free Template

If you haven’t heard of Cabify yet, its a transport app that lets you get around the city with private cars with a driver, with the highest quality of service and high safety standards. Cabify UI is a clone of the Cabify UI, and it will allow you to create an app that looks just like Cabify.


These 10 premium Ionic 3 templates will allow you to skyrocket your app development process. However, these are just a selection of the hundreds of Ionic 3 app templates available at CodeCanyon. Head over to the site and you can browse templates for all kinds of app.

Ionic App Templates from CodeCanyon

The templates covered here are just a small sample of the hundreds of Ionic app templates we have available at CodeCanyon. With so many app templates in existence, you’re sure to find one that’s helpful, no matter how niche your project. So check them out!

And if you want to improve your skills in building Ionic apps and templates, then check out some of the ever-so-useful Ionic tutorials we have on offer!

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