Total – Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

To be very precise WordPress themes makes web development very flexible along with its easy to use features; for both: the developers and the clients.

WordPress themes comes along with entire web development solution. It consists of thousands of features, which are very much useful and handy as well. In this very article we will discuss about some of the features of newly upgraded theme namely TOTAL Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme.

TOTAL RESPONSIVE WORDPRESS THEME; has recently been upgraded with all new and astonishing features in order to provide convenience to the developers and clients as well. This theme consists of all the distinctive features that a user would always desire to have in its webpage / website. Following are some of its core and distinctive features; which in actual provides one window solution for web development.



One of the very core and identical feature of this very theme, is that it comes along with simplicity and effortlessness. The user will never find any of the difficulties while uploading any of its content. As It gives quality, accuracy and attractiveness all simultaneously. More over it provides you effortlessness in the sense that, you would not be required to play with CSS or HTML coding, it gives you a drag, drop and crop features with makes your work easy as well as simple.


Any type of website you want: you can create with this very theme, let it be a personal blog, an entrepreneur business website, online store, database or anything else you want, a beautiful website of yours is just few steps away.


In order to have your own website out there in the world of internet with an ease, this theme is a perfect match for the same. Not only has it allowed you the simplicity but attractiveness and uniqueness simultaneously.


This theme has entirely been coded with CSS 3 Principles, which allows you all new and unique FEATURES that a website could contain. Apart from the new features, it also contains many of the modified features of other themes of  (WordPress), these modification will indeed give you a better website in terms of an ideal web which a client as well as the user would always desire to have and to visit.


This theme contains a numerous of SEO plugins which helps you and your business a lot. Search engine Optimization is basically a tool which allows your content either it’s a web page, an image, a video or even a blog, to appear at the top of the box when similar and identical items are searched for. This theme of WordPress comes along with built in SEO, to make your life easier and convenient. Now you don’t have to hassle for search engine optimization tools, this theme allows identical features as well.


Skins or you may say themes are the backbone of a website, many of the user just decide either to retain in to the webpage or to abandon it, just by means of viewing the theme that webpage contains. This template brings all the exciting and enticing features that a webpage theme should and could have. Let us say you have vested in the state of boredom with your current theme of your website yourself, no worries, it allows you a fast change of the same as well. In short you can now completely change the overall overview of your webpage in minutes to spare with this theme.


In order to meet the standards set by W3C, every part of this very theme has been given a special care and attention. In simple words, every coding that has been executed in this theme is in compliance with the standards set by W3C in order to have the access to the web in today’s browser along with the browsers of prospective generation. So it means this theme allows you to have its access in any of the previous, latest and upcoming browsers in future.


In order to protect our freedoms GPL was created, this very theme of WordPress has been licensed under the same. It means that you don’t have to worry about the terms and conditions, either you can use this theme or not, will you be caught in any of the copy right issues etc. this theme like other themes of WordPress allows you the freedom to use it. Just install it, use it, amend it and the last but not the least also allocate it.


There are several default content types in WordPress themes, however in this very theme many more of them are added as well. Just to have flexibility this WordPress theme comes with default content types with best modification which allows the client to create all what pertain him and his business. Whichever direction you want, it will take you to the same.


Theme forest comes along with more than 500 built in font Icons, which allows you to explore the level of creativity at its best. The more creative you are the more resources it provides to you. This theme to be very precise you gives you a one window solution for all your creative needs. So stop searching for the icons, it provides you more than all what you need to create an astonishing website of your own.


Along with other distinctive features of TOTAL RESPONSIVE MULTIPURPOSE WORDPRESS THEME, it brings you another exciting feature that is Multilingual, it gives more than 70 Languages to operate with. You being the developer, if your client demands you a website other than in English, that is now just a piece of cake for you. All you have to do is to prepare the web in English and ultimately it will translate the same in any of your required or desired languages for you, as per the convenience of your client.


Media is something which entices a user to get retained into a webpage, a simple webpage with no media such as picture, sounds, graphics, animation or video in it, will never persuade a user to be operational in the same for that long, rather it would vest him in the state of boredom which will ultimately result in abandonment of the web page. TOTAL RESPONSIVE MULTIPURPOSE WORDPRESS THEME brings you a drag and drop feature in order to embody your webpage with such media. Entering images or media to your webpage was never that easy. Along with it, it also gives you some of the image editing tools, to make your web page more creative with all convenience.


The TOTAL RESPONSIVE MULTIPURPOSE WORDPRESS THEME allows your user to translate a selection in its own native language or in the language he would prefer to. This theme consists of built in plugin like .PO , .MO files and a theme panel which assist the web page to translate languages, these specifications has make it easy to use for the users to translate a section in their own language which they desire to. In short TOTAL RESPONSIVE MULTIPURPOSE WORDPRESS THEME make it easy to use for the user’s side.


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