The Benefits of Drone Videos for Businesses

Are you looking for a way to generate high-quality, low-cost video content for your next marketing campaign? One of the most popular new options is drone video. Drones are not just for the military and mischievous teens. They’re also used to shoot engaging video footage for film, TV, and advertising. 

Drones offer a clear advantage of being able to produce aerial content at low cost. But the benefits of drones go beyond overhead shooting. Because drone movement is stabilized, these clever robots can shoot at many angles without the need for equipment, a cameraman, or a crew. 

From close-ups to dynamic moving shots, drones deliver pro-quality video at low cost. Now, even small businesses are able to produce cinematic videos previously available only to big-budget brands. 

Below, we’ll tell you what drones can do and give a few reasons why drove video may help your business.

The Benefits of Drone Videos for Marketing 

Here’s why investing in a drone or using drone videos can make a difference in your marketing campaign. 

They Produce Professional-looking Video 

Drone video likely looks more professional than the video you currently produce. Drones are incredibly precise in their movements, and they are equipped with modern HD cameras. So, their footage looks much clearer and more stable than standard camera footage.  

Of course, if you’re shooting a basic interview or tutorial video, you can simply use a standard camera and a tripod. But if you want your videos to be both engaging and professional-looking, drones expand your opportunities greatly. 

Just take a look at how this small business used a drone video to turn a basic look at a bowling alley into a thrilling experience. 

They’re Affordable

A professional video camera costs thousands of dollars. A drone equipped with a 4K camera costs as little as a few hundred. Also, you don’t need any additional equipment or personnel to start producing high-quality content. Many drones can be navigated with your smartphone, and you can use the editing software on your computer to cut your drone videos into attention-grabbing clips for social media, ads, and more. 

Now, we’re not saying you should go it completely alone when producing video content for your brand. But if your marketing budget and team are on the small side, one drone can go a very long way. 

They’re Versatile 

Your smartphone and a tripod are good enough for static shots. For the rest, you can use a drone. The first thing you’ll probably want to do is zip up into the stratosphere to shoot some stunning aerial footage. But drones are also great for eye-level shots, over-the-shoulder action shots, and even low angles. 

Because drones are so stable, they can capture the action at any angle without the need for additional equipment. They are also very agile, which has opened the doors for creative new video trends that have never been seen before, such as the “aerial selfie.” Will your brand be the next to think up a new trend with drone video?

Aren’t Drones Complicated? 

Drones have a surprisingly short learning curve, meaning you can begin producing high-quality content with a drone after just a bit of practice. Learning to become a decent drone pilot is nowhere near as complicated as learning to operate a studio-quality camera. Just make sure you start slow and bring your drone back to earth with plenty of battery to spare. Crashes can be disastrous for your budget! 

Don’t have time to learn to operate a drone and produce your own original content? There are thousands of high-quality drone videos for sale by stock footage providers. Pick up a few clips and you can give your videos the benefits of drone footage without having to lift a finger. 

More Hype and More Sales with Drone Video

From the viewer’s perspective, drone footage doesn’t just look cool. It also builds confidence in your brand. The more professional your video marketing efforts are, the more comfortable people will be when considering your product or service. 

It’s true that many of the most popular drone videos are viral sensations. But drones also bring more predictable benefits to marketers, such as improved ROI. When you boost the quality of your video output, it’s easier to engage your audience. That’s the power of drone videos.


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