PRPosting: Guest Posts Efficiency Lies in Simplicity

Viral and content marketing and link building services are the center of our attention. We’ve seen that strategy plays an essential role while conducting all these procedures. Alexander Kirik, an SEO-expert with 10-year experience, and our team initially developed the program for the sake of our projects. As soon as our creation proved to be effective, we opened the platform to everybody. We have already posted the contents of 272 projects, collaborated with 111 countries, created 1,349 articles, and our clients have left their positive comments. Read more on guest post services

We provide you with the following:

– Stop-list site function
– Filtration 
– The function of adding the favorites
– High-quality donors for PR-material publications
– Content creating function
– More than 30,000 platforms
– Manual posting of articles in the system
– The links at some sites that are not for sale anywhere but on our platform
– Sites of narrow and exclusive themes, such as exotic languages and markets
– Outreach service
– 100% guarantee


You may be used to the fact that outreach is usually far more effective and expensive than the markets. The outreach we provide is free of charge, which means you only pay for the link. Salaries for outreaches, as well as the taxes, are not required from you. Just recharge your balance and get the outreach created automatically.


We give you a 100% guarantee for posting and increased visibility in search engines. Otherwise, a refund will be an option.


Pay with one of five currencies. We don’t impose commissions. You can pay both in cash and direct deposit as an individual or entity. Moreover, one-off payment is our rule, while the content is placed as long as the platform works. 

Enjoy our services, save money, and achieve your goals!

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