A Collection Of 10 Well-Designed Wedding Websites

wedding website examples

Okay — you have clients, and they need websites for their weddings — like, asap! How do you choose the best wedding website builder, though? Superb query.

Well for starters: You want to use a wedding website building platform that saves you time, saves them money, cuts out uncalled for stress and effort, helps you manage everything from a single location online, and makes the wedding planning and logistics simpler. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

Sites like Wix, Squarespace, Appy Couple, Joy, The Knot, Weebly, WeddingWireRiley & GreyMinted or/and Zola will assist you in those areas and in spawning the ultimate wedding websites for your clientele. Such optimal wedding website builders not only help you to create memorable websites for customers, but they make life seamless for you too.

The following are some of the best wedding websites we unearthed. They include all the necessary elements – from wedding planning to choosing a wedding dress to photo shoots and more.  Enjoy browsing and feel free to comment and share.

10. Lyn & Angelo — Lynandangelo.com

The fun countdown clock featured signally on their homepage is what we heart the most! Definitely incorporate one of those on your client’s homepage, if it fits the bill, of course. Lyn and Angelo’s wedding website is set on the sublime beaches of Thailand, and includes everything guests need to plan for the event: from travel details down to hustle-bustle itineraries.

wedding websites

Photo: Wix.com

9. Kristin & Kohan — Kristinkohan.com

Unique approach … it’s incredible, to die for even! It doesn’t contain a lot of pictures, however it includes love messages of the couple. It too uses the social networking sites where the pair’s guests could communicate with them, which is a rattling idea.

wedding website examples

Photo: Kristinkohan

8. Jasmin & Kyle — Demo.massivedynamic.co/wedding

This Massive Dynamic theme (which is specially configured for wedding events) is stunning. It’ll let you create a groovy website which has a photo gallery, a countdown timer and too displays wedding timings. The story timelines are showcased at top of the website.

wedding websites

Photo: WordPress

7. Breonna & Jonathan — BreonnaAndJonathan.com

Simplicity — is what it’s all about. Their bright smiles, accompanied with a park-style background as well add much sizzle to the steak. “We thoroughly enjoyed using the easy to navigate and user friendly site to create a website that our friends and family love. And the wedding website has taken the hassle out of wedding planning!” Breonna

wedding websites

Photo: BreonnaAndJonathan

6. Arpeeta & Arpan — Peetapan.com

Compared to other wedding websites, Arpeeta and Arpan’s looks very attractive. The website displays their marriage date and too the website design is very swish which made it more appealing. Also, the wedding event details are seen on the website and the platform utilized on the website is WordPress.

wedding websites

Photo: WordPress

5. Ashley & Jeremy — Ashleyjeremy.com

If your fortunate enough to receive a photograph like this from your client, than you really can’t miss! Ashley and Jeremy’s wedding website provides information about their love story and how they feel inside about one another. It too tells their guests about the place and date  of the ceremony. Nice.

wedding website examples

Photo: Flickr

4. Vanessa & Antonio – WedTheHalls.com

Again, just give them something that’s user friendly and prepossessing. “Before choosing a wedding platform we reviewed many websites to determine who would deliver the best service for us. We were very particular on the look we were going for which was contemporary and user friendly, and we got just that! The RSVP feature was the icing on the cake and will really help to make our planning a lot easier and stress free. We have received so many compliments on our website and everyone was so impressed by how much work we put into it!! Matt is really receptive to any ideas you may have and responds very quickly if you have any issues. Hands down our wedding website boosted our wedding anticipation to the next level and serves as a place for us and our guests to visit to get excited all over again!” Vanessa

wedding dress

Photo: Pinterest

3. Linh & Minh — Behance.net/gallery/43803883/My-super-sweet-wedding

The better the plot, the better the site. “Our wedding website was created with an awesome design which shows us (the bride and groom) with a plot. The photo gallery is shown on the bottom of the website. Our story timeline is also visible on the site.” Linh

wedding websites

These two met at a karaoke; Photo: Behance

2. Sarah & Nick — The-wedding-day.vamtam.com

It’s all about the theme, baby. Here’s a jaw-dropping website which exhibits images on both sides of the website along with personal info. This website possesses a countdown timer which will countdown the time remains for your indelible wedding day. It too reveals the time of main ceremony and wedding party. The Online RSVP form is accessible and wedding gallery also.

wedding websites

Photo: WordPress

1. Jenny & Grayden — Jennyandgrayden.com

The movie poster theme slays it. Out of the wedding website examples, this one has the ‘biggest feel’ to it. Plus, the site is negligible, clean and fun!

wedding website examples

Coming to a church near you; Photo: Facebook

Author: Aaron Granger

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