8 PHP Email Forms to Use for More Conversions

If your clients are looking for more conversions on their websites, you need a good PHP email form builder. These registration sign-up forms provide a lasting connection between your client and their website visitors and customers.

Not everyone will register their email or other contact information on an email form. The conversion rating is about 3 percent. However, that 3 percent can be significant if you’re getting thousands of visitors a day.

Consumers are more likely to subscribe when confronted with an email form if it’s well-designed and cleverly positioned. To achieve this result, invest in some of today’s higher quality PHP email form templates.

1. Email Marketing

There are absolutely no coding materials required for using Email Marketing to build your contact form from custom designed templates. Its simplicity is its biggest advantage. You can apply custom designs, set up email groups and lists, and schedule emails with drag and drop tools.

There are SMTP and PHP options to facilitate smooth email transfers. It’s well designed and an excellent solution for all your email marketing forms.

2. Contact Form Generator

After you use Contact Form Generator once, you’ll probably want to keep it in your back pocket for future use. It’s one of the most useful form builders on the web. It works with AWeber, MailChimp, and a variety of other integrations to promote your email marketing efforts.

It also features SMS notifications to boost your mobile marketing efforts. There’s no coding required, protection against spam, and MySQL database integration. As far as contact forms go, this is one of the best free template-based tools out there.

3. Flora Forms

A lot of clients want file uploads with their contact forms, so you need a simple, attractive, and secure contact form. Security and encryption in email marketing is a huge contributor to successful campaigns.

Flora Forms, a responsive AJAX Contact Form, should do the trick. Alongside the multi-file upload progress feature, there are CSS3 inputs, toggle switches, checkboxes, AJAX processing forms, CSV file export, and much more. There are security features galore, and you can choose from six color themes to develop attractive and powerful PHP email forms.

4. Animated Contact Form

For more eye-grabbing registration forms, Animated Contact Form, AcF for short, is a simple and easy-to-install solution. When customizing this PHP email form, you’ll have access to eight different animation effects and color schemes, a location map, and other customizable features. When put in the hands of a capable designer, it can develop a series of striking forms for any website.


KONTAKTO is an AJAX Contact Form with a styled map that works with your HTML or PHP-based pages. It’s ideal for brick-and-mortar websites trying to attract new customers to their business. It displays a Google map alongside the finished contact form so that customers can orient themselves as they sign up for your newsletters or emails.

It’s AJAX enabled, equipped with spam prevention, ideal for SMTP or PHP email, and has no database required. You can also attach files, offer checkboxes, create text fields, and design other interactive and customizable fields for your form.

6. PHP Form Builder

PHP Form Builder is ideal for Bootstrap and Material Design forms. You can also develop login, order, Modal, registration, AJAX, and order forms with ease. There are more than 50 templates to choose from, with very little coding required. You can build tantalizing forms quickly and easily with jQuery plugin integration, clean HTML5 markup, and other essential features for excellent form design.

7. Multi-Purpose Form Generator

If you’re looking for feedback, registration, email, and other specific PHP forms, it’s best to work with a single, attractive and simple-to-use tool. Multi-Purpose Form Generator is based on Bootstrap. It comes with email notifications, spam protection, drag and drop interface, more than 10 field types, more than 15 validation types, and other features that make form creation simple and appealing.

8. Usernoise Modal Contact / Feedback Form

A lot of PHP email form tools offer a one-size-fits-all model, but Usernoise fits into a single niche and excels. It’s a simple script designed to collect feedback through a modal window. It also allows for user discussion and is equipped with email notification when someone leaves feedback.

It’s customizable according to your client’s wishes, and once designed, the install is simple. Usernoise is anti-spam with Gmail delivery as the default. (If Gmail doesn’t work for you, you can change it.) It’s an excellent tool for promoting feedback from your users and involving your website visitors in an open dialogue on improving a company or website.

Any of these tools could help complete your developer toolbox. There’s no need to pore over coding when you have these simple templates to do the work for you. Pleasing your clients and improving your portfolio is a breeze when using the right tools.

Author: Spyrestudios

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