8 Best Job Board Plugins For WordPress

Wordpress job board plugins

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Today, the numerous online tools for secured connection have rapidly raised people’s interest in remote working which allowed IT professionals to easily telecommute and collaborate with businesses from all around the world. This has opened the doors to a whole new job sector for WordPress developers and designers to explore. This collection features some of the best WordPress plugins for building a job board within your WordPress website without purchasing special themes or dealing with complex management software.

The Simple Job Board plugin by PressTigers is a lightweight WordPress job listing management tool that’s focused on ease of use. This plugin allows admins to create and customize their own job board. Simple Job Board has a custom application form, supports an extended number of job board features, and uses shortcodes for a simplified listing management experience.

WP Job Board is a WordPress job board plugin that aims at making job listing management within WordPress easier and more reliable. The plugin is targeted at recruiters, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and web design agencies and offers an optimized job management process, easy deployment, and simplified customization. This review can give you a more detailed look at the plugin’s perks and special features.

Apply Online is perfect for website owners who want to post ads and receive applications directly through their WordPress website. The plugin has a powerful admin panel, it supports email notifications and file attachments, and has a dedicated page for all ad listings.

WP Job Manager is an open-source job board plugin for WordPress that offers easy listing management and powerful customization packed in a clean and optimized tool. The plugin uses shortcodes for adding new jobs and has an Ajax-powered search and listing filter. It allows employers to submit and manage their listings through easy-to-use front end forms and provides WordPress developers with all the endpoints and template files needed.

This plugin uses the Oclass technology to allow users to create job boards and manage their existing ones through their WordPress website. The plugin comes with four listing customization themes and provides companies with all the tools necessary to help them engage successfully with potential employees. The Oclass job board plugin for WordPress also supports job applications via LinkedIn and allows quick customization of fonts, images, and more.

Job Manager is a job board WordPress plugin created by Goble Logic and Thomas Townsend. It allows admins to post ads, accept resumes, and track candidates through a simplified dashboard. The plugin supports multiple listing categories and job boards. The customizable fields help admins easily display detailed information about their listings. Job Manager has a simple listing archiving and publishing process and advanced filtering for job applications. It supports email notifications and has an integrated interview scheduling system.

Jobs & Experts is a listing management and communication platform for experts and companies. This WordPress job board plugin helps employers and professionals connect and communicate with the help of detailed job listings and advanced application forms. The plugin’s robust listing management system allows employers to share project deadlines, customize budgets, and communicate easily via a built-in private messaging system.

This job board plugin connects your WordPress website with the Pro version of SmartRecruiters and allows easy posting and candidates management right within your website dashboard.  It has an integrated one-click posting to leading job boards that helps the popularization of the jobs. As an addition, it also has a special Facebook App that allows users to add a career tab to their company Facebook profiles. The plugin comes with a social recruiting integration for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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