25 Summer Website Themes and Summer Design Templates for Inspiration

summer website themes templates

Summer is one of the most refreshing and relaxing seasons of the year. It gives off a happy and playful vibe that could be difficult to reflect in web design. But this does not mean that it cannot be done! In these dog days of summer, designers are pulling out all the stops to grab the last licks of warm weather and beach vacations for their clients and viewers. As the temperatures rise in the coming months, designers are sure to collect vibrant ideas that can make any website come to life. Think about all those sun-bleached photos, multi-colored palm fronds, pastel color palettes, and water design elements everywhere to bring out the heat of the season.

There is such a huge influx of clients during this season that designers would often get travel-thirsty themselves. The great news is, we don’t just have to look at websites to be inspired! We can make summer-themed websites ourselves through tons of ready-made design elements that capture the summer’s flavor.

In this blog post, we have put together all the cool and refreshing summer-designed websites for inspiration. On top of that, we have also collected a showcase of design themes and templates, as well as summer-themed website element designs. This includes icons, fonts, backgrounds, and more. If you are looking for design ideas beyond websites (t-shirts, posters, menus, and more), we got you covered!

Let’s check out this collection of summer website design ideas:

Summer Website Design Examples


Sa Barca de Formentera


Zulu & Zephyr

Summer Website Templates

Surfer Website Template

summer website templates surfer

Summer Website Template
summer website template

Adventures Website Template

Capri Summer Website Theme

summer website themes capri

Getaway Website Template

Playa Pool Club Website Template

Travel Advisor Summer Website Design

Swimwear Summer Website Theme

Meet Mounty Website Design

Hello Summer Theme

Fairy Forest Template

Summer Designs and Themes to be Inspired by

Summer Flyer

summer website themes flyer

Splashes Music Festival Poster

summer website themes music poster

Bonfire Party Invitation

summer website themes bonfire invitation

Summer Drinks Menu

summer website themes drink menu

Summer T-Shirt Design

summer website themes shirt logo

Summer Designed Website Elements

Vintage Summer Logo Designs

Summertime Icons

summer website theme iconsBeach and water icons

Watercolor Amazon Clipart

summer website themes amazon clipart

Sunrise Waves Brush Typeface

summer website templates sunrise waves

Summers Handmade Typeface

summer website themes summers typeface

Summer Patterns and Textures

Summer Font Pack

summer website themes

Refreshing Summer Backgrounds

Hello Summer! Background

summer website themes background

Hello Summer Palm Tree Background

summer website themes palm tree background

Summer Sale Background

summer website themes summer sale background

Pineapple Summer Background

summer website themes pineapple background

Palm Tree background

Watercolor Summer background

Seashells Themed Background


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