25 Fireworks Background Images to Get Your Site Ready for New Year’s

Seasonal themes are part and parcel of the work of a web designer. Whether it’s your own portfolio or a client’s, changing up the background to suit the current holiday or mood from time to time is good practice. This would also help attract more traffic if users find your website theme to be aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re looking to spice up your site for this season, here are 25 fireworks background images to get your site ready for New Year’s.

Girl Holding A Bengal Fire

Assorted Fireworks Over A Town

Fireworks in Long Exposure

Bright Red Fireworks

Fireworks with Trees

Fireworks Above the Sea

Fireworks at Night

Lit Firecracker

Fireworks Flying Like Arrows

Sparkly Happy New Year 2021

Long-Exposure Firecracker Art

Fireworks Over the City

Small Vector Firework Happy New Year 2021

Fireworks in Singapore

Fireworks Show

Fireworks Over A Beautiful River

Blue and Red Firecracker at Night

Girl Holding A Sparkler

Sparkler Timelapse

Simple Purple Firework

Heart-shaped Firework

Colorful Pyrotechnics

Sparklers for New Year’s

Star-Looking Firework

Fireworks Show Over the City

Author: Ayran

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