12 Handy Tools For Invoicing and Time Tracking

Every service-related business – or freelancer – needs an invoicing tool to send invoices to their client. It should be simple to use yet produce professional enough invoices that will give a positive impression to your clients and hopefully make getting paid simpler.

If you search the internet, you will come across many invoicing tools with different pricing and features. Depending on your business size, you need to choose a service that suits your needs and can be easy on your pocket as well. It’s not so simple to find the perfect tool, so we have gathered a list of some of the best invoicing tools for your daily use.

Let’s take a look.


Freshbooks is one of the best and oldest invoicing tools available on the internet. With Freshbooks, you can easily add clients, create projects, manage expenses, manage invoices and send them to your clients. The service offers a free 30 day trial after which you musts sign up for a paid plan starting from $ 19.95 per month. Freshbooks supports almost all the major currencies as well.

With Freshbooks, users can even generate timely reports as well to get detailed information about the invoices they sent, revenues, profit and loss, tax summaries, export to PDF and much more.

Price: Starting from $ 19.95 per month (30 Day free trial).


Invoicera is another simple and easy to use invoicing tool. Just like Freshbooks, you can easily create invoices, manage clients, add products, and manage expenses, time tracking, and project management, add staff and people to collaborate on projects, and a lot more. Invoicera offers a free plan as well that allows small freelancers and business owners manage up to 3 clients, 10 products and unlimited invoices. The service also offers iOS and Android apps that allow you to manage expenses on the go.

One thing that I really like about Invoicera is the invoice look and interface. It’s simple, clean and allows you to add your own company logo as well.  After creating the invoice, you can even download it on your computer in PDF format for backup purposes as well.

Price: Free / $ 19.95 / $ 39.95 / $ 99.95 per month

Paypal Invoices

We all know about Paypal, but few of us know about the online invoicing tool by Paypal. Paypal Invoices is a free online invoicing solution that allows users to create professional invoices in few simple clicks. You can create customized invoices by adding the product details; add your logo and more. It automatically reconciles invoices and payments, setup reminders and creates monthly summaries for your account.

It may not offer all the advanced features compared to paid alternatives, but for a small scale business or a freelancer who wants to manage and keep track of his payment in an easy way, it’s a nice option.

Price: Free


If you don’t want to pay for your online invoicing service, you should try Invoiceable, a free tool that allows users to create invoices online. You can manage unlimited clients and invoices, and create monthly reports. However, when you create and send invoices using Invoiceable, it automatically adds a branding link of Invoiceable at the end of the invoice. If you want to remove the links, you can upgrade your account by paying for a onetime payment of $ 49 and get more advanced features such as recurring invoices, payments with Paypal, graphs and more.

Price: Free / $ 49 onetime payment.


Ronin is another handy online invoice management tool that allows users to create and schedule invoices. Ronin offers a free plan as well that allows users to manage up to 2 clients, 1 staff and unlimited invoices. With Ronin, you can send invoices and estimates to your clients, track your expenses, collaborate on projects with people, supports multiple currencies and more.

If you are satisfied with free plan of Ronin, you can upgrade your account and sign up for a paid plan starting from $ 15 per month with more advanced features such as unbranded interface, more clients and contacts per client, SSL security, Payment integration and more.

Price: Free / $ 15 / $ 29 / $ 49 per month.

Zoho Invoices

Everyone who uses the internet knows about all the tools offered by Zoho and one of them is Zoho Invoices. It’s a free alternative that allows users to create invoices and clients, manage expenses, create and manage projects with groups and more. And best of all, the service doesn’t even cost a penny; you can create invoices and send them to your clients.

Zoho Invoices is also integrated with different online payment services as well so that you can get paid easily. Moreover, you can easily create reports from your dashboard and get detailed information about the profitability of your business, check which products are popular and more.

Zoho Invoice application is also available on iPhone and Android.

Price: Free


Want an invoicing system with a beautiful style that makes it simple to keep up with what’s going on? Ballpark is the invoicing app you should try out. It mixes time tracking and invoicing with a slick design, a dashboard to keep up with everything from your team, and detailed reports. Plus, it lets you get paid via Paypal or Stripe.

Ballpark is a great solution if you’re working with a team, and with a longer trial than most, it’s easy to try out to see if it’ll work for you.

Price: $ 13 (30 day free trial)

Invoice Machine

Invoice Machine is yet another very useful invoicing tool for freelancers and business owners. The service do offers a free plan for its users but that is limited to 3 invoices and estimates per month one user. Creating an invoice and clients using Invoice Machine is really simple and straight forward.

The service allows users to create professional and beautifully designed invoices and download them to your computer in PDF format. Apart from creating invoices, you can easily manage projects, create estimates and send them to your clients and create recurring invoices as well.

Price: Free / $ 12 / $ 24 / $ 48 per month


CurdBee is one of the most reasonable invoicing solutions in my opinion. You can create invoices easily in few simple clicks and manage multiple clients. In the free account, you can create unlimited invoices and manage as many clients as you want. The paid plans offered by Curdbee are really affordable compared to other alternatives and starts from $ 5 per month.

You can create invoices, download them as PDF, send them to your clients, import/export your data and much more.

Price: Free/ $ 5 / $ 20 per month


Harvest is a very useful and easy to use time tracking and invoicing app. Just like all other services, Harvest offers 30 day money back guarantee with plans starting from $ 12 per month, the service offers you unlimited clients, invoices and projects to work on.

It might be one of the best tools I have used till now as it offers support for almost all the platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Gmail and other popular applications such as Zendesk as well. You can integrate invoices with projects so you know how much time you spent on any specific project and what should be the invoice value depending on the amount of time spent.

Price: $ 12 / $ 49 / $ 99 per month


Blinksale is a simple and easy to use invoicing tool for business owners. The service offers a 15 day trial after which you must sign up for the paid plan that costs $ 15 per month. With Blinksale, you can create unlimited invoices, clients, and recurring invoices, send invoices as PDF, multiple currencies, PayPal integration and more.

One of the most impressive features I like about Blinksale is that it allows users to import contacts from Basecamp as well as Live Support in case of any problems. Blinksale also has a wide range of invoicing templates to choose from.

Price: $ 15 per month (15 Day Free Trial)


Want a simple way to track time wherever you’re working online? Paydirt is a very nice invoicing app aimed at freelancers that use Chrome and work using web apps. Why? Because with their free Chrome extension, you can track your time – automatically – when you’re working on your clients’ apps online. Then, you can turn it into invoices that can be paid online easily.

It’s simple to use, works great, and best of all, we have a Paydirt giveaway running right now, so you’ve got a chance to get a free year subscription!

Price: $ 8 per month (14 Day Free Trial)


So there you have it: 12 of the best invoicing apps on the net. We’d love to hear which one’s your favorite, and if you know about any good invoicing and time tracking tools that we didn’t include, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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