Street Photography: 40+ Outstanding Candid Shots

Street Photography is defined as photography that is shot in any public place in a candid situation. The image captured could be any random person, thing, building or street performers. Therefore, despite the name of this genre, the presence of a street is not a necessity. Framing and timing are all important, with the aim of creating creative images by snapping shots at exactly the right moment.

To participate in street photography, you really need a good point-and-shoot camera, a lot of patience and a very creative eye. Here we are showcasing the work of some of the best street photographers, and I have tried to choose images that tell a story or are moving, comical or very poignant.

Berlin by Chuck Patch

New Orleans, Louisiana by Chuck Patch
New Orleans, Louisiana

Fall Collection, New York by Shane Gray
Fall Collection, New York

Swine, New York by Shane Gray
Swine, New York

Binocular Girl, New York by Shane Gray
Binocular Girl, New York

==== by Umberto Verdoliva

I am too closed by Umberto Verdoliva
I am too closed

Between rows of trees by Umberto Verdoliva
Between rows of trees

In the balance by Umberto Verdoliva
In the balance

Attention back!
Attention back!

Unusual Banality by Julien Legrand
Unusual Banality

A Moment Alone by Julien Legrand
A Moment Alone

Shibakoen, Tokyo by Shin Noguchi
Shibakoen, Tokyo

Yukinoshita, Kamakura by Shin Noguchi
Yukinoshita, Kamakura

Shibakoen, Tokyo by Shin Noguchi
Shibakoen, Tokyo

Hamamatsucho Station, Toyko by Shin Noguchi
Hamamatsucho Station, Tokyo

Gyeongbokgung, Jongno-gu, Seoul by Shin Noguchi
Gyeongbokgung, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Oviedo, Spain by Chema Hernandez
Oviedo, Spain

Untitled by Brian Soko

Cassia, Brazil by Gustavo Minas
Cassia, Brazil

New York by Ed Peters
New York

Zhukovsky, Russia by Artem Zhitenev
Zhukovsky, Russia

Cannes Festival by Laurent Roch
Cannes Festival

Smokers Race by Bazinwski
Smokers Race

My Own Little World by Stergios
My Own Little World

Grafitti by Nieves Bautista

Clown and Man by Taci
Clown and Man

Street Heart by Tim Hughes
Street Heart

Old by Andres Gamiz

Unseen by Nico Ouburg

Don’t lose your head by Giuseppe Esposito
Don't lose your head

Untitled by Mathieu Testa

On the job by Katarina Vuckovic
On the job

Who has the choice by Horst Fischer
Who has the choice

Black&White by Rui Palha

Daily routine of life by Dima Ochievschi
Daily routine of life

Home Delivery by Zane & Inzane
Home Delivery

Street Scenes by Danny Santos
Street Scenes

Sudden Rain by Darko Eterovic
Sudden Rain

Untitled by Sergey Kuznetsov

Envy by Buileshuibhne

Red by Lukas Vasilikos

Photography has 2-d by Lukas Vasilikos
Photography has 2-d

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