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The competition never ends but then, it’s a must have to find out the best available choice. This comparison has always been a part of every aspect and it does drive the result-though not between WordPress and Blogger. Both of these have been the top notch rivalries and it’s been an era since the competition among them has endured. But the results have never been conclusive, it’s more of a choice factor now and publishers choose among the two depending on their own preferences.

Tough the counter for the winner remains unanswered as one has better features where the other provides better widgets. However, we will list the pros and cons of both of them and will make you decide which is better and why.

Here is a list first for the advantages of both:

Advantages of WordPress and Blogger

Disadvantages of WordPress and Blogger

Whichever choice you make there are few facts which don’t change; the main is that Blogger is owned by Google. This might not sound right but the basics by which we have emphasized this point is due to the fact that, your blog/site can only survive and succeed on Google if you provide quality content. Google’s update of Panda has affected a great number of people and the major reasons involved lack Hat Techniques.

If you choose Blogger, there are high chances that staying within the restricted boundaries you will continue with your work, results will come slow but they will! And last but not the least; Google will keep that running through Google server so there are no chances of your site going down. This does not mean that WordPress is not good, those that have used WordPress are aware of its advantages. The key factor is for you to follow the right rules and work hard and use all the ink you’ve got.


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