20 Best Tools and Freebies for October

A variety of tools and freebies are released every day of every month. All these tools are wonderful resources that designers rely on after their own skill and education. All these tools and freebies help the designers in creating surpassing works of art in a very short period of thus achieving the goal of satisfying their clients which results in an even increased clientele base. And this clientele base help form the favorable fame that the designer deserves. These tools may include myriad resources like CSS framework libraries, color pattern selectors, palette generator, code generators and lots and lots of numerous other useful elements. But the worth and useful of each and every tool is determined when it is used therefore the designers mostly keep only tried and tested resources to achieve their desired results as they have many projects to pay attention to and each and every project is unique and different from the other thus requiring more time and effort to be perfected. To try and test the amazing tools that are released all the time a designer needs spare time which is not always available. To overcome this problem we have efficiently handpicked some of the most amazing and important resources that may help designers in acquiring their goals. All the tools and freebies are free of cost and extremely useful and easily understandable.

Best Tools From 2014

Pattern Bolt

A fine selection of SVG pattern background, packed in a single CSS or SCSS file. Add patterns just adding a class. ( Download ) Pattern Bolt


( Download ) Waves

Short Hand

Shrthnd is a handy tool that converts CSS properties into shorthand, making shorter and more readable stylesheets. ( Download ) Short Hand


A new modern CMS to create and share. ( Download ) Pagekit


An experimental indexing and search engine for e-mail. ( Download ) Mailpile


Titan is a highly scalable graph database optimized for storing and querying large graphs with billions of vertices and edges distributed across a multi-machine cluster. ( Download ) Titan


Leverage the future of the web platform today. ( Download ) Polymer


A new modular browser Entirely written in Javascript. Free. Hackable. ( Download ) Breach_Core

Perf Bar

Simple way to collect and look at your website performance metrics quickly, that supports budgeting and adding custom metrics. ( Download ) Perf Bar


Cinematico is a free (open source), simple, elegant, customizable and automatic website solution for your YouTube or Vimeo account, channel or playlist. ( Download ) Cinematico

Best Freebies From 2014

Apple Watch Mockup PSD

( Download ) Apple Watch Mockup PSD

Free PSD Portfolio Template

( Download ) Free PSD Portfolio Template


( Download ) Coloristic

Mug PSD MockUp

( Download ) Mug PSD MockUp

Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp #2

( Download ) Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp #2

Essentials Mockups Free Set

( Download ) Essentials Mockups Free Set

iPhone 6 Wireframe Collection

( Download ) iPhone 6 Wireframe Collection

Free Colorful Icon Set

( Download ) Free Colorful Icon Set

Creativity Free Bundle

( Download ) Creativity Free Bundle

BBC Mobile App

( Download ) BBC Mobile App So what do you think about these tools and freebies? 

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