32 Free Icon Sets for Building Unique Web Interfaces


Recently I was searching the web for some newer icon sets to build into a layout. There are so many freebies released every month that it can be tough to keep track of it all. But I know that icons are some of the most useful resources for structuring menus, links, buttons, and similar webpage objects.

This gallery contains a number of brand new icon sets for web designers. All of the posts should contain a free downloadable PSD or another icon vector filetype. Check the post attachments and the first user comment for download links to snatch each of the icon sets that you like. These are released for free and do not require attribution, but it is not a bad idea to give some credit to designers for all their hard work.


Social Media Icons

best freebie icons social media pack

Vector Freebie Set

dribbble freebie vectors pack icon set

New Facebook Icons

download facebook freebies icon pack

Google Icons PSD

download psd google ui icons set

Free Buttons

flat icons freebie download pack

10 Navigation Bars

freebie ui navigation bars mobile iphone apps

Free Glyphs

freebie 32px glyph icons flat white ui

Sketch Icons

freebie sketch icons pack set dribbble download

Washing Icons Set

clothes clean icons set freebie download

Flat Documents

freebie icons set download docs documents

Flat Devices PSD

freebie psd desktop icons flat ui

Lucky Charms

green lucky charms icons interface freebie

Freebie Icons CSH+PSD

pink vector photoshop icons set

iPhone/iPad Freebie

iphone ipad devices ios mobile freebie icons

Flat Files

flat file icons set freebie glossy


colorful flat icons freebie emotes

Illustrator Badges HiDPI

Adobe Illustrator freebie icons pack set

Plain Icon Set

plain basic white icons freebie

Social Glyphs

social glyphs mini icons freebie set


freebie orange icons contact us set

Web Browser UI

freebie web browser ui interface icons

Steadysets Icons

basic black dark website ui icons set

Freebie UX Icons

freebie ux icons web design interface

Weather Icon Pack

freebie weather white icons set

Camera Icons

clear icons freebie set download


dark icons series hex sixside

Freebie White Icons

white social media icons set

Glossy Social Icons

gradient big buttons freebie icons set socialmedia

Mail UI Icons

Mailbox inbox interface icon set freebie

Reflective Devices

16px freebie white icons set devices technology

Antipixel Buttons

80x15 icons set small pixel style

Jericon Mini 16px

adobe illustrator freebie vector 16px icons


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