Re-opening my weekly design mentorship sessions in 2023

After a brief pause, I decided to re-open my free mentorship slots for 2023. Every Friday I’ll be dedicating time to meet with folks and chat about any of the topics below:

  • Portfolio review and feedback
  • Interview tips, advice, mock interviews
  • Design, hard- and soft-skill building, career growth
  • Working abroad, cultural adjustments, language learning
  • Writing and publishing design-related content
  • Advice for early-stage startups, side projects, and bootstrap companies
  • Q&A sessions with in-house design teams
  • Any other topics you’d like (you’ll be able to propose your own ideas when booking a session)

Feel free to book a slot below or share this link to help reach designers who might benefit from this initiative:

Get mentored by Fabricio Teixeira on ADPList

About me

Designer. Maker of things. Partner at digital product agency Work & Co. Founder of design publications UX Collective & DOC. Based in Brooklyn, NY. More than 18 years of experience in digital product, shipping products for brands like Google, Samsung, Mailchimp, Equinox, Vista, and several global startups. Member of the Awwwards jury, IxDA jury, Adobe Design Circle, and AdCouncil UX Committee. Big believer in user-centered design and knowledge sharing.

Why am I doing this?

I am fortunate to have had a couple of mentors who helped me grow immensely throughout my career. And more than ever, I feel like these 1–1 encounters are where the honest design conversations are happening—not on staged social media posts or live streams. Whenever there’s an audience (or engagement metrics to hit), the discourse falls flat.

For me, these mentorship sessions are an opportunity to give back to the design community some of my time, meet new designers (who knows, we might work together in the future!), re-connect with folks who I haven’t talked to in a while, and to be exposed to new work/topics/ideas/stories that I wouldn’t otherwise.

Chat soon!

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