28 Website Mockups using Fullscreen Images

Let’s face the facts: anything that takes up the entirety of your computer screen is going to draw some attention. Fullscreen images have been used in backgrounds and slideshows for quite a few years now. But ever-improving Internet connections have allowed for much larger images that relate better to content on the page. This style is predominantly seen on the web and looks fantastic in the right context.

For this gallery I’ve organized a series of 28 sample website mockups using fullscreen hero images. When crafting your own mockup it helps to look over what others have done for some inspiration. Take these ideas into your own workflow and see what you can build.

Casual Homepage

casual iron man homepage design ui


slightly startup page layout design

Purr Katy Perry

katy perry purr website homepage layout

Food Blog

food blog mockup website layout

Fitness Membership

fitness membership gym website homepage

Landing Page Shop

landing page design mockup shop

Vans Redesign

mockup homepage vans website redesign

Orca Health

orca health website homepage

Wellness Emporium

purple layout homepage wellness emporium

Medical Portal

medical portal website layout fullscreen image

Store Locator

maps store locator homepage background

Personal Website

nick scola personal site design

Hero Image

hero image homepage design mockup


nerd rating website concept homepage

Landing Page

landing page minimalist background design

Directory Redesign

directory listing redesign homepage hero image

IKEA Wireframe

ikea website mockup wireframe concept

Clothing Site

clothing site layout unique layout


trustiful mockup homepage layout

Everybody’s a Champ

everybodys a champ homepage design

Eyespeak Landing Page

eyespeak landing page design homepage

Memphis Orthopaedic Group

memphis orthopaedic group homepage mockup

Kitchen & Bedroom Co.

kitchen bedroom company redesign homepage

Debree Landing Page

debree landing page design website layout

SlideRoom Mockup

slideroom homepage mockup design


skull candy website mockup red homepage

Yeni Inci Shop

yeni inci webshop homepage layout ecommerce

Party Drink Campaign Site

party drink website homepage mockup fullscreen image

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