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A simple image grid layout where a small grid image zooms to become larger while a content view opens.


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Today I’d like to share a simple grid concept with you. The idea is to “zoom” or scale up a small grid image and show some more content (i.e. a project slideshow that is not implemented) and a small map that shows a miniature version of the whole image grid so that it becomes easy to navigate.

Combined with some text animations that we’ve previously explored in Layout with Reveal Animations and Content Preview, the whole design comes to life. We are using the same code as in the other demo.

The initially view looks as follows:

When clicking on a grid image, we animate it to the right side of the screen and scale it up.

And this is how it all comes together:

I hope you enjoy this little experiment and find it useful!

Thank you for checking by 🙂

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