What Makes WPBakery (Visual Composer) the Best WordPress Page Builder Today?

Are you looking for a WordPress page builder that takes the hassle out of creating your website? WPBakery (formerly known as Visual Composer) is hands-down the best WordPress page builder available today. With WordPress rolling out the new Gutenberg Editor, you might be wondering if WordPress page builders are still an essential page of your toolkit. I’d like to show you how the answer to that question is yes, while we look all the functionality that has made WPBakery both the best WordPress page builder available on the market today, and the all-time best selling item at CodeCanyon.

It’s a bold statement, I know. Let’s get into the technical details that back it up.

Works With Any WordPress Theme

Demo of a website built with WPBakery WordPress Page Builder

Powering over two million websites, WPBakery is the best selling drag-and-drop front-end and back-end page builder on the market. Totally flexible, this WordPress page builder works with any WordPress theme, which means you can work on a new build or an existing project, hassle free and with no coding required. In this one package, you have everything you need, so you can forget about WordPress page builders that lock you into a specific theme.

Equipped With Front-End and Back-End Editors

WPBakery gives you full control over every element of your WordPress site. Would you like to work with a no-coding-required front-end editor or do you prefer a back-end schematic editor? This page builder lets you work the way you want to.

Demo of WPBakery WordPress Page Builder

Take advantage of the “What You See Is What You Get” interface with the front-end editor, so you can see how your content looks your on your website instantly, with no additional clicks or steps. The intuitive, lightweight drag-and-drop interface makes creating pages easier than ever, with no programming knowledge required. Design options give you total control of your layout, or choose from professionally designed templates to easily create beautiful and up-to-date WordPress sites.

And if you prefer to work on the back-end of your WordPress site, WPBakery fully supports native content management, so you will have all the functions and options you need, right at your fingertips.

Beautiful Templates, Elements, Addons

WPBakery Addons available From CodeCanyon
The WPBakery WordPress page builder comes with everything you need to design or update your WordPress site. This page builder includes more than 200 content elements available exclusively to WPBakery users, and more than 50 built-in content blocks. Use the regularly updated, professionally-designed templates in the template library to build your layouts in seconds, or copy, save, and reuse existing pages as templates. Also, WPBakery WordPress page builder is fully compatible with WooCommerce, and WooCommerce shortcodes are available in the WPBakery Page Builder Element Menu.
Content blocks available in WPBakery WordPress Page Builder

Do you still want more? WPBakery gives you everything you need to build your WordPress site, and by combining it with plugins, you can customize and optimize endlessly. Here are a few best selling plugins that have worked for others:

Performance and Flexibility

WPBakery WordPress page builder performs beautifully. At the design level, this page builder saves you time and effort. No more manual coding necessary, and the shortcode mapper means no more copy and pasting—just add any third party shortcode to the list of menu elements for reuse. Further, object-oriented code allows for the most advanced and effective programming patterns, and gets you the best results for your site.

WPBakery is a fully responsive WordPress Page Builder

This page builder is fully responsive, so you can create responsive WordPress sites automatically, or take full control and adjust your preferences around display options for your site. Either way, WPBakery ensures that your content will look and perform consistently and beautifully across mobile and desktop platforms.

WPBakery in the Age of Gutenberg Editor

Rest assured, WPBakery is fully compatible with the Gutenberg editor. This is great, because while Gutenberg is definitely an interesting development in the WordPress universe, it is in no way a replacement for a full-fledged page builder—it lacks the front-end visual editing and style options, along with many of the other design features that WPBakery gives you. With WPBakery you get the full functionality of a true page builder, while still being able to mix and match your WPBakery layouts with Gutenberg blocks, hassle free.


Two websites built with WPBakery WordPress Page Builder

I hope I’ve done justice to WPBakery Page Builder in this article and, if you are not already a convert, introduced you to a WordPress page builder that will make your life easier—and your website better. WPBakery user JeffMatson sums it up in their review:

“I have used several WordPress page builders and this one is my favourite. It is easy to use and has so many elements to style my pages. Each element is highly customizable.”

User gregghamil adds:

“What a great product for making WordPress come together smoothly. I was totally lost before I discovered this product.”

So try WPBakery for yourself, or visit CodeCanyon to see the full suite of WordPress page builders and add on tools available for download.

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