Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Blogs in 2019

Blogging is one of the easiest ways for people to share information. Starting a blog is easy, but growing it can be hard. Your blog needs to stand out if you wish to dominate any niche. 

Plugins are the tools that add functionality to a WordPress site.

In this post, we are going to look at a collection of the top WordPress blog plugins from CodeCanyon.

Content Timeline plugin

Having great content is the key to boost traffic on your site. But if the content is hard to find, people cannot access it easily.

Content Timeline is a fully responsive and light-weight plugin that allows you to display content in a sliding timeline.

It’s no secret that people will only go to the 1st or 2nd page of your posts. Content Timeline is the perfect plugin if you wish to maximize the number of people who go past the first page of your posts and access older content.

You can even display content within pages or posts, hence making it easier for people to find, engage and even share older content.

The plugin is highly customizable, features a wide range of API functions, and well-structured code to make it possible to get started.

InstaShow Plugin

Integrating Instagram to your blog is a great ways to get more traffic to your blog. It can also be a way to increase engagement with an existing audience. We all know users are visual beings, and since Instagram is more visually-oriented, the conversion rates are higher there than any other social media.

The InstaShow plugin is the perfect way to embed an Instagram feed to your blog without overcrowding it with content from many other social networks.

Features include:

  • support for image carousels and videos
  • ability to share on Facebook and Twitter
  • you can include a link to follow you on Instagram
  • ability to add a call to action button such as a Shop button
  • unlimited possibilities for displaying posts
  • ability to show an unlimited number of photos
  • popup features
Blog Manager plugin

Blog Manager features over 20 templates as well as a drag-and-drop interface to enable you to create a beautiful blog. It provides many ways of presenting your blog so that you can achieve the perfect look. It also lets you supercharge your blog functionality in terms of content styling, layout, and much more.

Features include:

  • responsive design
  • variety of styles to choose from
  • create lists with a shortcode or widget, and place them anywhere on the site 
  • a wide selection of templates to choose from
  • customize blog posts by choosing which content to hide or display for your posts
  • pagination, load more button, or infinite scroll for posts.
WP-Spamshield plugin

WP-SpamShield is an advanced spam protection plugin that prevents spam on comments, contact forms, registrations forms, etc. All this happens in the background without spam ever entering the database. Unlike other spam plugins where comments are labeled as spam, WP-SpamShield doesn’t allow spam to even enter the spam queue.

Other features of this plugin include:

  • prevent email harvesting bots from scraping email addresses from your site
  • registration antispam protection
  • zero false positives
  • 100 % pingback validation and antispam
Blog Designer Pro plugin

Blog Designer Pro is the perfect plugin if you wish to save blogging and development time. It features over 45  high-quality templates to choose to achieve the perfect blog.

Here are some of the reviews from the community

I took coding in college, however, it has been a while since I have had to codehence, my skills are lacking. With Blog Designer PRO being rusty is not an issue. It includes features that allow me to choose and select the blog design that suites me. For me that is a big deal since I cannot dedicate the amount of time needed to design a professional site. Moreover, Blog Designer PRO offers numerous design options which adds variability to my blog and with the ability to change designs, it allows me to add my personal touch.

Features include

  • page builder compatibility:  works with page builders such as Visual Composer, Elementor, Beaver, and Site Origin
  • a powerful admin panel that allows you to manage every aspect of your blog with ease
  • 10 + unique styles of social sharing
  • packed with sample posts to kickstart your blog if you don’t have any posts yet
  • compatible with major browsers
Ninja Popups plugin

Ninja Popups features perfectly designed popups for every niche. It allows you to create various specialized types such as promotions, newsletters, and discount popups.

Ninja popups also integrate well with most popular emailing services like MailChimp, Getresponse, Infusion Soft, and Jetpack.

Features include:

  • powerful drag and drop visual editor that allows you to create popups in seconds
  • advanced popup anti-blocker that ensures popups are always visible
  • ability to display popups in different positions on your blog
  • animation effects
  • statistics dashboard to track popup performance
  • fully responsive on mobile devices
Easy Social Share Buttons plugin

Easy Social Share Buttons provides a seamless way for people to share posts to more than 50 social sites.

This plugin allows you to customize every single aspect of your social share buttons. It also comes with speed and performance.

Other features include:

  • social followers counter
  • advanced analytics that allows you to track how your social sharing  is performing 
  • social chat via Facebook messenger
  • share counter recovery
Wordpress Viral Quiz plugin

Having quizzes on your blog is the fastest way to increase traffic and keep your audience engaged. It can also be a way to grow your subscriber list by collecting emails from users. WordPress Viral Quiz is a highly rated plugin that allows you to create viral quizzes on your WordPress blog.

You can create two types of quizzes: 

  1. personality quizzes—which are very popular on Facebook 
  2. trivia quizzes—which are more popular on Twitter 

Features include:

  • fully responsive quizzes that work on all mobile devices
  • analytics to track players and counts on social media 
  • multilingual 
  • supports monetization through ads
  • option to ask users to provide their emails in order to see results
  • option to force users to share in order to see results
Essential Grid Gallery plugin

Essential Grid Gallery is the best plugin for displaying content from various sources in a highly customized grid. You can display content from all kinds of sources and render it with customized layouts. 

Essential Grid Gallery also features a powerful visual skin editor that allows you to create as many skins as you wish. 

Other features include:

  • fully responsive
  • ability to import and export skins
  • ability to pull content from posts, custom post, pages, WooCommerce and gallery sources
Ultimate PHP HTML5  AJAX Contact Form plugin

Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form is the perfect way to embed an AJAX-powered contact form into your blog. Having a contact us page on your blog helps grow your SEO and also helps your blog appear more authentic.

Having a contact page allows users to contact you personally, as opposed to posting on comments and social media—this provides an opportunity to address their issues on a more personal level.

Features include:

  • field validation
  • embed multiple forms per page
  • invisible Google reCAPTCHA
  • mobile friendly
  • cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention
Fanciest Author Box plugin

Fanciest Author Box is a highly rated author bio plugin that allows you to add author identity information to a single- or multi-author WordPress blog. It also automatically enables author bios once you install it. You also can it manually or by use of a widget, template tag or shortcode.

Other features include:

  • lazy loading for improved speed
  • fully responsive and retina-ready
  • different color options available


Plugins are crucial for enhancing the functionality of a blog. With well-chosen plugins, you can make your site do anything you want. However, ensure you don’t go overboard by installing many plugins! Installing too many plugins can slow down your site or cause conflicts with other plugins.

That’s why it’s best to stick with proven, popular plugins that you know have top quality code—whether they’re simple free plugins or premium WordPress plugins from CodeCanyon.

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