Photoshop Blend Modes for Photography

Learning how to work with blend modes in Photoshop can give you more creative options and control over tonality and texture. This course provides shortcuts and innovative uses for these Photoshop workhorses. Photographer and educator Chris Orwig shows how to composite images together, create vivid color and realistic grain, and tackle advanced projects that combine blend modes with masking, such as creating isolated areas of texture and replacing the sky in an image. No matter what you shoot, portraits or landscapes, this course will provide new ways to heighten the drama and impact of your photos with blend modes.

Topics include:

  • Learning about Multiply, Screen, and Soft Light
  • Blending color and aligning images
  • Creating composites with blend modes
  • Adding glow and grain
  • Using blend mode shortcuts
  • Adding new texture to a backdrop
  • Masking in clouds
  • Using blend modes to enhance portraits and landscape photos

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