33 Amazing Frontend Design Patterns using CSS3 and jQuery

Website layouts are typically seen as a combination of design and development meshed together. UI design can be performed using graphics software, code, or in most cases both. This subject offers an interesting combination of skills that work hand-in-hand with each other. Frontend inspiration can offer a lot of great ideas for anyone who builds websites.

This gallery includes a large set of open source HTML5/CSS3/JS code snippets for web developers. Each snippet is free to use on any number of projects to enhance your frontend experience. Take a peek at these examples and see if you can fit anything useful into future project work.

Colorful Form

colorful login form design ui

Geometric Pattern Header

css repeating geometric pattern open source

CSS3 Switches

css3 ui switch code example

Flat To-Do List

flat todo list ui design freebie

Encryption Key

encryption key open source code

Data Sorting

dynamic data sorting javascript

Transparent Fading Navigation

transparent fading navigation ui

Clean Form

clean information form paper texture

Minimal Form

minimal form green ui interface

Bubble Navigation

pink animated bubble navigation menu

Squishy Toggle Buttons

squishy white toggle buttons ui

CSS Animated Accordion

css responsive animated accordion content

ESC Modal

modal window esc close button

SlideDown Menu

slidedown menu clean interface

CSS3 Working Clock

css3 open source working clock graphic

Flat Horizontal Navigation

flat navigation dropdown ui open source

Pulse Loading Animation

loading animation graphic

Spinning Loaders

spinning loaders effect animation

Meta Data Hover

content article display metadata

Process Steps

progress connecting dots ui interface

Hamburger Menu Transition

three line hamburger menu animated

Hover Animations

svg icons details hover animation

Newspaper Layout

html5 css3 newspaper content layout design

Responsive Pagination

css3 responsive pagination code

Paper Shadow

oval shadow paper effect

Swipe List Items

swipeable list items open source

Circle Notifications

red alert circle icons open source

Glossy Ribbon

shiny glossy ribbon effect

Confetti Preloader

party confetti animated effect loader

Pure CSS Tags

pure css tags foursquare ui

Dark Calendar

dark responsive calendar ui

Signup/Login Form

tabbed switch login sign up form

Spinning Pulse Loader

pulsing spinning circle loader animation

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