Virtual Private Networks: Why Every Web Developer Needs One

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As a web developer or designer, you are often made responsible for presenting the information your client gives you in an aesthetically appealing and organized way. You also must make sure that the site you set up – including the private information on it – is safe from hackers who have malicious intentions when it comes to the data you are entrusted to work with. How do you protect yourself? This is where VPN’s come in handy.

What is a VPN?

“VPN” stands for virtual private network. It is exactly that – many computers/networks joined together on the internet. When you gain access to this network, you will be able to control which data center you access – and more importantly, enjoy the benefits of where that data center is located, all under a private guise.

As these data centers are located on different parts of the world, you may access certain network resources (such as certain websites, software, music, memberships) that are, for their own reasons, exclusive to the country or designated area that data center is located in. In short, although you may have a different local area network or LAN, you may access other LANs from other countries, and do so safely and with added encryption to protect you.

How Web Develops Benefit from This

This special, private passageway that you have then you subscribe to a VPN, giving you that connection to a remote access server or RAS is what heavily guards you against anyone who is out to steal information from you using exploitive software, or just finding out your location via your IP address.

As a web developer, you have a lot of information about your client in your care. If your client asks you to create a website for a newly launched product, their competition could easily hack into the website you’re making (if you’re not using a VPN) and find out what those products are. This could cause big problems for your client, as their competitors get a leg-up in the race of who claims proprietary over the new product.  

That doesn’t just apply instances where proprietary is involved. Sensitive information can be anything from unreleased movies, television shows, trailers, soundtracks, and tour dates of famous artists. A leak involving this kind of data can cause a security breach large enough to end careers, and possibly your own, as a web designer. Having a does not only protect you in your profession but your client as well.

Lessening Risks – Not Eradicating Them

Uploading any kind of sensitive information into a website – whether you’re updating it or building it from scratch – always imposes some form of risk. Having a VPN does not 100% guarantee that your information cannot be accessed, as almost anything on the internet can be hacked with enough of the right resources such as money, time, and skill – but it is much, much less likely than if you were to rely on just any other unsecured network.

Another risk involved – which is less likely to happen – is that the VPN provider you choose to use secretly stores your information. There have been reports of a certain company that stored its VPN users’ data, as this data was collected and used by the FBI, thus many people have since pulled out of acquiring VPN from that provider.

The Bottom Line

Having a VPN is always good – whether you’re a web developer or someone who just enjoys surfing the web, you could always use the extra security it offers. It masks your identity, does not broadcast your activity, gives you access to different parts of the world thus broadening your content reach, and effectively stops any third-party snoopers check out what’s been in your activity logs and cookies. Which VPN should you choose, though?

There are many companies that may provide you access to a VPN for a fee, but there are also free VPN options. The free options may come with limitations such as lesser bandwidth, but at least it lets you explore what it’s like to have security on while you work. For those who are working on larger-scale projects, bigger budgets, and sensitive information, go for the top-notch VPN choices available out there. As with any other product, take the time to research which VPN company has the best deals, as well as good reviews.

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