A Logo is More Than a Symbol

Yes! A logo is not just a combination of texts, icons, and colors; it is the representation of a business, organization or brand. Brands like Apple, Microsoft, McDonald etc. are well recognized today by their logo. A professionally designed logo can completely change the story of a brand; a logo communicates more of what the business is all about, each texts, typography, and symbols have their own say. It boosts confidence in the brand/business and strengthens the brand-customer relationship.

As effective a logo can be in brand-building, it is not an easy task to design a good one, it requires a standard graphic design skill and a good understanding of what logo stands for. Many later resolve to pay someone else who knows more about logo design to help design one, and most of the times the money charged is expensive, even on freelancing websites.

One of the advantages of modern day internet is the flourish of various DIY tools that help you do what professionals do all by yourself. With these tools, you can perform almost any digital task at your convenience and with little skill or no skill at all in such a niche. Examples of these tools are online web building tools, graphic design tools etc.

Wix DIY Logo Maker

Wix was founded in 2006 to provide web services for everyone who wishes to build a website, as time went by Wix later included various DIY tools to help both professionals and rookies in quick web and graphic designs. The most noticeable tool provided by Wix is the web building tool, Wix also provides a tool for creating amazing logos in simple steps. Wix is popularly known for its simple UI (User Interface) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature that helps create a beautiful and satisfactory design based on few answered questions; while answering these questions your design is halfway done.

Wix is the best place to start building a website for your business, Wix has millions of website running on their server, and counting. Websites built with Wix beautiful, functional and highly efficient. Millions of business owners are creating communities of customers around the world using the Wix website building tool.

Wix Logo Maker is an online graphic design tool that gives you the ability to design a beautiful logo even without any graphic design skill. All you need to use this tool is a device with an active internet connection, a cool place to settle down and some simple answers to the questions that will be asked. Wix Logo Maker may seem a tool for only rookies, but wait utill you see what professionals are also designing with it; with medium or high graphic design skills, your imagination is your limit when designing a logo with this tool.

Not impressed yet, check out some of Wix Logo Maker features highlighted below:

  • DIY Feature: you have the full control over your designs and directly from your thoughts you can arrive at a beautiful logo design. Most times, no matter the amount of explanations and samples you leave for designers, their designs may not be 100% satisfactory, but why go through all that when you can actually design one yourself.
  • Simple User Interface: Wix User Interface is one of the best web-based UI out there, each function has been grouped under its respective category to make finding them easier, it works just like native apps, WYSIWYG editor that saves design into a file as you have made it.
  • Fully Customizable: all design elements such as texts, icons, colors are not static, you can make modifications to them as you wish and also re-position them. You can add colors to text or change font type, rotate icons, change shape etc.
  • Little or No Graphic Design Skill Required: with Wix Logo Maker you do not need any special skill other than knowing how to operate your device, but if you are a pro at graphic designing then you are will surely create an outstanding design.
  • Available 24/7: you can design a logo in your spare time from any location as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • Cloud-based: you do not need to install any file on your device, all resources needed are hosted in the cloud and this makes it as efficient as any locally hosted app.
  • HD file Output: all finished designs are rendered in High Definition; sharp and neat for any graphical usage.
  • Multiple File Output options: you can save and download your finished design in different format namely JPG, PNG or PDF.
  • Additional Social Media Files: other social media kits such as profile picture, header images etc. are optionally generated for you. This makes your design look more professional and makes it instantly ready use in social media.
  • Matching Website and Business Card: while designing your logo, you have the option to order a matching website or print out business card generated by AI at a very affordable rate.

What else could you need to design a standard logo? Wix Logo Maker has all you need, head over to this logo building tool now and sign up for an account or login if you already have a Wix account.

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