13 Well-Designed Star Wars Websites

May the 4th be with you! The Fourth of May may be an unofficial Star Wars holiday, but that does not mean we should not celebrate it. It may have started just as a punny joke (get it?) but it has become one of the largest events in the world to celebrate a single movie franchise. In fact, May 4th was declared as Star Wars Day in the State of California. However, in other places like LA, Star Wars Day is celebrated on the 25th instead of the 4th of May.

The puns don’t actually stop there. For those who failed to celebrate National Star Wars Day on the 4th, a separate event is celebrated on the fifth of May. This is aptly called “Revenge of the Fifth”. Although it did not catch on as strongly as May 4, many fans still enjoy the two-day event full blast.

Usually, fans and enthusiasts block out cinemas to replay the films. Events are put together to play games and show off the best Star Wars-themed costumes.

What better way to celebrate May 4 at home than to explore the best and most well-designed Star Wars websites? The Force is strong with these ones, for sure.

The official Star Wars Website is unbeatable. From the font color that changes from silver to gold, the star-studded background, to the choice of theme and color palette. This is one of the best Star Wars websites there is.

This is an open-source website where fans and enthusiasts could easily contribute knowledge about the franchise. Everything you need to know about the storyline, the characters, backstories, and more are all here.

Literally, every news about the franchise is here. It may discuss new games, new spin-offs, new views about the old movies, and more. There are Star Wars-themed mystery box giveaways as well.

This website is not actually a blog, but it is a landing page for an event in Singapore. The concept of the exhibit is to learn about the characters on a whole new level -origins, cultures, genetics, etc. What is cool about the website design is how simple the background is and how it highlights the decal or art on one side of the page.

The good thing about this website is the community. There is a portion on the website where fans can discuss the franchise among themselves. The forum is a great place to meet new friends and learn new trivia.

This is actually a website to promote a new spin-off game. The design is great and new users can try playing the game for free.

Not the best logo choice, though, but Making Star Wars focuses on all Hollywood-related news about the franchise. This may include current careers of the old cast, new castings, new movies, and more.

This page literally allows users to explore the Star Wars galaxy. It opens up the galaxy, where the reader can click on which planet they want to visit.

All the details about the movies, spinoffs, castings are here. It boasts of uncut versions of the movies which are surely fan favorites.

This website puts together news and announcements of all Star Wars events that are going to happen in the world, and when. It is a great resource for enthusiasts.

Since Star Wars became a Disney product, there are inevitable changes. This website discusses new Star Wars products under Disney, like the new Star Wars Disney Plus shows.

This website has a podcast that is enjoyable for fans. The hosts guess on new episodes about the latest Star Wars spinoffs.

The Star Wars Report is also a podcast and a blog that covers all sorts of Star Wars news.

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