Top 10 Internet & Tech-Related Infographics from 2012

We saw a lot of advancement over the course of 2012. The year produced a significant number of new open source projects, startup launches, and great ideas among the Internet community. The culture has also lead to a series of great infographics being published over this time. I’d like to share my top 10 favorites related to technology and Internet trends. Check out the showcase below and see if you can learn any cool facts.

The Retailer’s Guide to Big Data

Graphic Source

retailer infographic data website graphics

The Internet: A Decade Later

Graphic Source

internet design online ten years later

Titans of Tech News

Graphic Source

titans of tech news internet

Google: Behind the Numbers

Graphic Source

google company search data numbers statistics

LTE vs Wimax Wireless

Graphic Source

lte wireless wimax 4g mobile broadband

History of Social Media

Graphic Source

social media writing infographics design

Creative Effective E-Learning

Graphic Source

how what does it take generating helpful learning online

Apple Device Resolutions

Graphic Source

different apple iphone ipad infographic

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2013

Graphic Source

social marketing infographics howto build trends webdesign

The Biggest Shift

Graphic Source

biggest evolution since industrial revolution


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