Top Ways to Use Icons in a Web Page to Enhance Content Presentation

Content is the king in the web world. But if you don’t present even a good content in a proper way, it will not be able to attract the attention of the viewers. So, it’s important to arrange the content of a web page in the perfect manner. And only then you can expect it to perform just the way you wish. This is where a proper web design becomes relevant.


So, what’s the use of planning a proper design for a website? Is it all about aesthetics?
Absolutely not. The primary objective of web design is to communicate properly with the viewers. And to do that perfectly, designers make use of a number of components. Almost all of these concentrate on a single thing: to communicate properly with the audience.
Of late, the use of icons as a major component of web design has increased significantly. Icons have gained ground as one of the most important parts of an excellently designed web page. There are different types of icons and they differ significantly in shapes, colors, and in diagrams presented through them. Usually, icons can be of three different types:

  • A direct imitation of a concept
  • An index
  • A symbolical representation
    And all of them are meant to boost the content, which is the most important part of the webpage, and help in delivering information.
    In the first place, why are icons used?
    The primary aim of using an icon is to create a break from long pages of content. Just as you use paragraphs. In addition, they are also a great way to attract the attention of the readers. It helps to ensure that the reader is not lost in the middle of the lines of content and can find an interesting way out from there. But this use of icons needs to be prudent.
    But how do the icons support the content in a web page?

    Here’s a quick look at the use of icons to ensure proper delivery of the content.

    Makes the Content Presentation Attractive

    You are writing great content for your web page. People can find loads of information from your write ups. But, to your astonishment, no one is reading the web pages. Why is this happening?
    Ask yourself a simple question: has the content been arranged in an attractive way? That’s the primary thing that you need to do to ensure that the content attracts the attention of your audience.
    But how can you make the content attractive, so that people start reading it?
    A picture speaks a thousand words. So, it’s prudent to take its help to persuade people to start reading the content on your web page. And this is where the icons come in handy. Use the icons that summarize the content perfectly and, at the same time, is good enough to attract the attention of people.

    Make the Lists Exciting

    Creating a web page? Planning to have loads of content there? Why don’t you break it down into something interesting?
    If you have different types of lists, try to jazz them up with icons. Make sure that the icons that you are using are in line with the content alongside which they appear. It will not only drive the boredom away that arises from loads of content, but will also help to bind the content in a nutshell. Thus, the readers should get hold of the idea shared in a list right from the icon, without even going through the text provided there.

    Bring about Positive User Interactions

    What’s the use of adding lists to your web page?
    In fact, there are many. And one of the most important among them is that the lists play a major role in enhancing the readability of the content. However, when simple bullets are used in list, them appear bland and uninteresting. It is always a better idea to go beyond the mundane. And this is where the icons are expected to come in handy. Add a relevant icon beside a topic in the list and notice the positive difference in user interactions. This is driven by better readability of the content as well.

    Be More Creative with Icons

    You are given two web pages to surf through – one of them is bland and boring; the other one creative. So, which one would you go through?

    Of course, the creative one. And that’s what almost every person looks for in a web page. But it’s not an easy task if you are using only bulk text in your web page. But add some icons to it. And soon you will find that creativity comes naturally.

    Icons offer you more rooms for creativity. You can change them and make them symbolic. Or you can play with the shades and sizes of the icons to ensure that they are appropriate for the web page. This touch of creativity helps to make the content more interesting for the readers.

    Icons can be a major part of the web page. But usually they can’t stand alone. So, it’s important to use them in a perfect blend with the content. This helps to enhance the focus on the content and increases their readability.

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