May 2018
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Whenever I catch myself lost in my own thoughts it helps to refocus on my work by zooming back out onto the Desktop. Not just because of the background, it is also where I keep working files before moving them into their own folder. The desktop is a popular interface item which you will be seeing a lot throughout your workday. So why not liven it up through the use of inspiring photography?

Check out this collection of 44 desktop wallpapers from Interfacelift. All of these are free to use and come in a variety of widescreen or 4:3 standard dimensions. Many webmasters and developers actually do not pay much attention to the desktop wallpaper. Often times the default selections are more than enough to stay focused. But if you have the itch to change things up why not pick something that tickles your fancy?

Storm Clouds

storm clouds fort worth texas


Whale Beach

desktop wallpaper rocks beach design

Monte Carlo Grand Prix 2013

racing formula1 2013 track grand prix desktop wallpaper

Hood Mountain

snow caps mountain hood wallpaper


grassy hills snowdonia desktop wallpaper

Kariya Park

kariya desktop wallpaper design

Misty Falls

misty falls desktop wallpaper greens

Gateway to Heaven

gateway to heaven desktop wallpaper

New York City

nyc central park desktop wallpaper


tiger ripples water desktop wallpaper


mini houses desktop photograph wallpaper

Top of the Rock

nyc new york photo buildings skyline

Maple Tree

autumn leaves maple tree photo desktop


downtown traffic china town desktop


big ice glacier desktop wallpaper

Dark Goose Island

blue sky dark goose mountains desktop

Silent Night

silent night sky stars desktop wallpaper

Croatia at Night

streets croatia at night photo desktop wallpaper

Tuscany, Italy

tuscany city italy europe desktop wallpaper

The Nature of Moonlight

moonlit mountains dark shadows desktop

Florence Sunset

florence italy sunset desktop wallpaper

Lady Blue

blue ocean lake mountains rivers

Columbia River

river gorge columbia desktop wallpaper

Nightfall in Paris

nighttime paris city france desktop wallpaper


new zealand desktop wallpaper scenery

A Fabulous Sunset

fabulous sunset wallpaper desktop

Glowing Alps

snowy alps mountains desktop wallpaper


nature flowing water whirlpool desktop wallpaper

The Iron Lady

eiffel tower paris france desktop wallpaper

Rocky Mountain Overcast

desktop wallpaper photo rocky mountains

Neuschwanstein Castle

white fancy castle royalty desktop wallpaper

Mont Blanc

alps montblanc photo french france desktop

Bixby Creek Bridge

bixby creek desktop wallpaper design

Tokyo Skyline

tokyo japan skyline photo desktop wallpaper

Road to Red

road to red dirt country desktop

San Francisco

sf fever california full moon desktop wallpaper

Aspen Trail

aspen colorado trail photo desktop wallpaper

LA Sunset

los angeles sunset california desktop

Marine Drive

mumbai india driving photo desktop wallpaper

Tunnel View

mountain desktop tunnel view wallpaper

Westland Sunset

mountain sunset shadows desktop wallpaper


forest trees branches moss

Mount Sefton

new zealand mountain sefton desktop wallpaper


stockholm sweden night lights desktop wallpaper






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