How do I invest 100% of my income as a Designer?

Yep, every single penny. This has helped me compound my money, travel, and build side hustles. So what’s the secret?

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Jan 17

Before we get into anything let’s see where I invest my money and why I invest there.

Let’s get started without any more pauses

1. Investing in Travel

Why do I pour money into travel?

Simple. Traveling is like a turbo boost for your brain.

Every new place is a fresh adventure, a story waiting to happen. You meet people who think differently, eat weird food (sometimes too weird), and see things that make you go “Wow!”

It’s not just fun; it’s life-changing.

Pic From my Thailand Trip 2023

2. Learning Skills

Here’s the thing: the world moves fast. If you don’t keep up, you’re toast. That’s why part of my income goes into learning new skills.

Online courses, workshops, and books.

It pays off big time. You become more valuable, smart, and a more amazing person in general.

With the growth of technology, upskilling is a must.

Learning Side Hustles

3. Side-Hustle

In today’s world, relying on a single income is like walking a tightrope without a net — risky and a bit old-fashioned.

That’s why I love side hustles.

They’re my safety net and trampoline all in one. From freelance gigs to selling digital products, each hustle adds a stream of income in start not a lot but still a stream of income. It’s empowering, fun, and hey, who doesn’t want a little extra cash?

Trying to build UiPedia

4. Stock Market

Here’s where things get spicy.

Investing in stocks and mutual funds. It compounds my money and helps me beat inflation.

It’s better than having ideal money kept in your fixed account, earning very small interest which will not beat the inflation in most cases.

Please keep in mind to invest, after learning about it thoroughly else there is a high chance you will lose lots of money.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

But, How Do I Invest 100%?

Now, you’re probably thinking, “How on earth does he invest 100% of his income?”

Well, it’s all about lifestyle choices.

  • I work from home, which means no pesky commute costs.
  • Living with my parents? Zero rent (and mom’s cooking is a bonus!).
  • And my small city lifestyle keeps living costs low.

Of course, I have been very lucky to live this lifestyle, but it’s also a choice.

What’s the Goal?

It’s not just about making money. It’s about growing as a person, expanding my horizons, and building a future that’s as bright as it is secure.

It’s a journey, an exciting one at that, of course, there are lots of ups and downs, but you need to keep hustling to grow more and more.

Your Turn: Share Your Money Moves!

I’ve shown you my cards, now it’s your turn.

How do you use your income to make magic happen?

Drop a comment below and let’s swap some tips and stories.

Let’s make this money talk a party everyone wants to join!

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